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Security Alert! 8 Tips to Prevent Robbery

We have been notified of a very disturbing trend.

Robbers now use one-chance buses to rob people and go through their phones to check for bank alerts. Then they will lead the victim to a ATM and force them to withdraw or transfer to their account at gun point.

In some cases, armed robbers visit ATMs on Friday evenings so as to forcefully collect the ATM cards and PINs of customers.

Their intention is to withdraw at least the bank ATM withdrawal limit of N100,000 daily between that Friday, and Sunday.

They know majority of Nigerians don’t have the phone numbers of their Account Officers or any staff in their bank and as such can’t place a call to have their ATM card blocked by the bank until 7 a.m. on Monday morning when banks resume.

To stay safe, please follow the following security tips:

1. Delete or disable all bank SMS or email alerts in your phones.

2. Minimise the number of ATM cards you carry. Carry just one preferably with low cash balance.

3. Be very conscious of any commercial bus you enter especially at night.

4. Make sure all mobile money apps on your phones are well hidden. Robbers could go through your phones and force you to transfer all your money to theirs via your mobile money app.

5. Withdrawal via ATMs should be done latest Friday afternoon when banks are still open. Also have the phone number of at least one staff member in your bank.

6. Avoid withdrawing cash on weekends especially in lonely and relatively less secure environments.

7. If unfortunately you fall victim, please don’t give them a fake ATM PIN. People have been shot because of this. Your life is more valuable than money.

8. Be very prayerful and committed to God. Unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchmen watch in vain so stay focused on the real protector, God.


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Ejura Salihu is an Anatomist, Writer and Editor. She is currently the Editor-in-chief for Connect Nigeria. You can contact her via email: or follow her on twitter @icyquin_msc

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