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To Love and to Glow: BH Comestics Wild and Radiant Bronzing Palette

I’m a huge fan of affordable makeup brands and if you’re a makeup enthusiast worth your salt you should know BH Cosmetics.

Not long ago they introduced the Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette 

I recently just joined the Glow enthusiasts and had to cop this from TheDFstore

It’s a set of 4 bronzers (read “Highlighters”) with awesome pigmentation. Wasn’t really psyched that the Shades weren’t named.


Without flash


With flash

I said Highlighters because IMO, Bronzers (which are placed in areas that you’re to contour) are meant to be all shades of dark & preferably not as shiny as this pallete.

As a dark-skinned person, this would most definitely not work as a contour tool.



Room light, no flash.


Natural light, no flash


With flash

Looking at them, you’ll see that there are 2 golden shades & 2 silvery (middle) shades.

If you have a Warm Skintone, like me, I’ll advice you to stick to the golden shades as highlight as the silvery ones can make you look ashy. As for people with Cold Skintone, the Silvery shades will be magnifiqué!


Apply generously but cautiously over high points of your face i.e. Areas you highlight on a normal day.

You can place it all over your eyelid as an eyeshadow and/or in the inner tear-duct of your eye to brighten it (many makeup products have more than one purpose).

You can always just swipe your highlighting brush (Any small fluffy or fan brush will do) all over the palette, getting all the shades on it, dust off excess then go HAM!

Apply with a slightly damp brush to get better pigmented result.


Number 2 & 4 shades on my eyelids


The palette all over ‘highlight’ areas

Happy weekend ladies!



About the Writer: Zuka Williams is an Economist, a make-up artist and a beauty blogger. She blogs at and tweets @ZuWilliams_

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