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Advertising is Just One Leg

The gift of speech, like every other talent, can be of natural endowment or acquired through learning. Through practice, this gift gets better; expanding into new horizons and like good music becomes irresistible to anyone who listens.

Say for example, Mr. Douglas heads the business development department in an organization. As executive, he is also in charge of marketing, a large part of which has to do with advertising and the contagious word-of-mouth communication. Well, Mr. Douglas possesses this gift naturally, from the way he speaks about his products, services and staff. It simply flows, and the unsuspecting listener is lost in the gusto of his eulogy.

And then for example, he talks to a newly recruited staff about how experienced Aminu, who has worked for a considerable amount of time within the organization, is with the computer and its applications, and with the procedures of excellent business. Aminu becomes the idol which the new staff aspires to become from that moment, and who works so hard to meet up to expectations. Or speaking to a prospective investor about his products and services, Mr. Douglas portrays the best within and without the walls of the organization’s capabilities. But as time would show eventually, Aminu would have to learn and report to the new but more experienced staff as a result of his inadequate expertise, and squabbles would replace places once seeded with hopes of a speculative viable investment between Mr. Douglas and his investors.

Advertisements raise the hopes of customers and clients, and when expectations are not met, it leaves a bad taste behind. People we know do not want to associate with bad tastes. It is therefore imperative to build your brand to a point where it can deliver even more than what it says it can. Positivity is an elusive case when the urge to grow finances within short periods pushes businesses to over promising on what they can deliver. Successful businesses have learnt that there is a space of time between initiating investments and a return on it, and that one of the things to do between that space of time is developing a balanced platform.

SMEs can get creative companies like to get their brands developed, in addition to advertising. By developing the business brand, organizations have an edge through research, strategy, execution and connection. This results in delivery on promises, reaching the target market, and resource management amongst other benefits.

Advertising is good and should be done at all times. But advertising without branding is like weeding with an unsharpened cutlass; you put in so much effort but wonder why it is messed up. Sharpen up with branding and whip the competition. To deliver on promises, branding is key.




About the writer:  Nnenna Okeke is a fine artist and writer. She has a passion for creativity in the arts, which she believes has the ability to heal our souls, and aspires to give her best towards it.


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Nnenna is an editor and writer at Connect Nigeria. She loves fine art, books and places.

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