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Learn a Skill Wednesday: Non Expensive Ideas That Give Your Home a Different Look

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It doesn’t always cost much to have beautiful designs in your home. While figurines might be out of your budget, here are some items that could bring in a bit of unique liveliness to your home.

Candles: Candles have a way of giving your home a warm feel. The can be of any size, scented or non scented and encased or not. But a perfect arrangement would give your home that warm look.

Frames: When the right pictures are encased, affordable ones can do the magic.

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Ankara pillows
: To put an African touch, use Ankara fabrics for pillow cases instead. Ankara on it’s own is a complete art piece.

Wine bottles and Mason jars: One of the cheapest ways to recycle and save cost is by reusing old bottles and jars. Use them as candle vases, add beach sand and colored stones to create a beach effect, add flowers for floral designs or cover with spray or twine.
Grasses happytulip

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: You don’t have to buy grasses at any costs at all when you have it just at your backyard. Grasses or bamboo sticks can be arranged into small bottles or large DIY vases; you wouldn’t know how lovely they can be till you do.

Cards: Just a few small cards. You can do it yourself, using inspiring words would go a long way to keep your heart warm.

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: They are inviting. When your eyes have gone round, they would want to settle on words. Unless you love reading, creating a library to decorate would cost you. Three or four on a side stool or display shelf would suffice.

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