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Printivo: The Company That Has Taken Print Online

“Stop thinking outside the box; there is no box”. This is Oluyomi Ojo’s quote, the founder of Printivo, whilst reflecting on not allowing his friend’s pessimism stop his print company idea.

Oluyomi’s idea was not an overnight thought. Even before his university school days, he started with making and selling handmade cards, then moved on to T-shirt printing, graphic design and general printing. In 2007, he founded Urbanbaze, an agency that specializes in branding and advertising. But not even the digital trend would take printing from Oluyomi. Instead of giving up his passion, he made the online digital system work for him.

Printivo was started in January 2014. This was a time when most print forms were going digital. However, Oluyomi took to digitizing print by making it an online platform. Thanks to Printivo, you can get your prints delivered to your home or office doorstep in just three steps. To make any prints, wedding cards, material branding, gift items or business letterhead, log on to Select the design templates on the site or upload your own customized designs, then checkout and make payments with your bank card. Your items get back to you branded! But this is not all. Printivo creates a new business platform for event planners, graphic designers and other creative professionals. By registering on the website, they receive a 20% discount on all print products, enabling them to resell with profit.

Oluyomi Ojo is truly an example of the few who do small things in great ways. Come February 27, he would be speaking on at the Connect Nigeria E-Business Fair 2016 that focuses on e-commerce. Click here to register for free. Sponsorship and exhibitions are also available.

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