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5 Top Places to Visit in Benin

Benin City is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria and holds a lot of history and culture. Though regarded as metropolitan, it is yet to measure up to big cities in Nigeria in terms of social amenities and lifestyle. Here are experiences unique to Benin that make it a treasured destination for visitors from all around the world.

1.    A Stroll along Igun Street
The Igun Street is a popular boulevard in Benin as it plays a significant role in the appreciation of the art in the city. Listed as Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, Igun Street is the home of the brass-bronze casting industries in Benin. Take a stroll down the street; admire and witness bronze casting from the various stages and make sure to purchase any piece of you find alluring. It will be golden opportunity to get your own outstanding bronze souvenir while visiting the state.

2.    A Taste of Pepper Rice at Mama Ebo’s
Anyone who visits Benin on a regular basis will attest to the peculiarity of the city’s favourite cuisine: Pepper rice. Consisting of plain white rice and much-spiced tomato sauce- locally referred to as pepper stew, the meal is served usually served on a green leaf which adds to the flavor. While this delicacy is sold in most local bukkas and restaurants found around the city, Mama Ebo restaurant on Airport road, GRA, is our number one spot for an original taste. The small restaurant is very well kept and visitors have a wide variety of sides to the meal: moi moi, plantain, and so on.  A taste of this special serving is an experience any visitor will surely not forget.

3.    A Visit to New Benin Market
Located at New Lagos Rd. Benin city, the New Benin Market is one of the markets that offer visitors impressive choices upon their visit to the city, especially if they plan to stay a while. From home appliances to electronics, fashion wares, souvenirs and even food items, the market is a one-stop-for-all.  The market also is a good venue for visitors who want to interact with the locals or have a taste of the everyday life in Benin.

4.    A Tour of the Oba’s Palace
The Oba’s palace is a prominent location and is right in the centre of the city, very close to the King’s Square popularly called Ring road in Benin City.  Its unique traditional architecture and works of arts dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries are centrally located. Anyone who knows the Kingdom properly knows that the palace is regarded as one of the greatest museums in the world because it still holds a large collection of royal court arts, scriptural pieces of past Obas in bronze and ivory and ancestral shrines. A visit will allow you a chance to see first-hand, a major memento of Africa’s ancient history.

5.    A Long Weekend at Best Western Homeville Hotel
It’s time to relax! As expected of most hotels in the Best Western hotel chain, Homeville offers one of the best lodging experience in the city as it is equipped with the necessary amenities to make your stay enjoyable. At the hotel located at Evbuomwan street, Off Sapele Road, Etete, Avbriaria, Benin, you are not only in close proximity and surrounded by the sights and sounds of the city, you get relaxed and energized simultaneously as you step into some of the impressive guest rooms. The hotel also offers a well-equipped gym and an outdoor pool, and guests can enjoy therapeutic body treatments at the spa. Services offered include security, car hire services in case you want to chance to tour the city, and a daily provision of newspapers in case you decide to stay indoors.

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