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5 Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Odour this Rainy Season

The rainy season is certainly upon us! While we find succor in the fact that the rains bring a weather fondly referred to as the ‘weather for two’, there are certain drawbacks to the season. One of them is the smelly shoe dilemma, especially since the damp air also makes it hard for shoes to dry properly.

It is embarrassing when your shoes ooze with a stench. However, here are five simple tips to get rid of the stench.

Wash, Freeze, and Dry
The best way to get rid of the smell from your shoes is to wash them thoroughly using detergent and bleach then taking drying them, either in the dry section of a washing machine or under the sun.  To ensure they dry out completely, first use a hair dryer and towel to mop up excess moisture. As an extra precaution, once the shoes are dry, put them in the freezer overnight. The next morning, place them in the sun, to further dry. Sounds strange? These processes of washing, freezing and drying will kill the bacteria that cause the odor.

Microwave them
If you find that your shoe is damp but not entirely wet, and the wetness is from an external source, not sweat from your feet, rather than wash it and take it out in the sun, microwave them for about 90 seconds. This will dry up the shoe and also kill the bacteria that causes the smell. If you are staying at a hotel, the attending staff can help you with it. Before you put the shoes in the microwave, ensure they do not have any metal decorations and that they are made of non-flammable materials. Ensure you do not leave the shoe for too long in the machine, as they may end up getting burnt.

Use Dryer Sheets and Fabrics
If your shoe has been affected by the rains and is wet, but you do not have the means to wash or dry them immediately, you can always make use of dryer sheets or bits of fabrics. All you need to do is place the material in the shoes before wearing them, that way, they absorb the extra wetness and serve as a barrier between your feet and the bacteria present.

Try Black Tea
Black tea bags contain tannins which are very effective in killing bacteria. So, rather than throw away the teabag after drinking it, wash them up under running tap water, dry them, stuff a few of these into the shoes’ toebox and leave it in overnight.  Tea leaves are excellent moisture absorbers and they will do wonders for your feet.

Apply Alcohol
Alcohol is an excellent home remedy to help get rid of shoe odor caused by mismanaged wetness. Using a cotton bud, dab some alcohol and rub it inside the shoe. Ensure you do not place alcohol on the outer area, especially if it is made out of leather as that may cause some ruin to the surface of the footwear. Apart from the fact that alcohol can help remove the smell of the shoes, it can also act as a disinfectant and eradicate the bacteria responsible for causing the bad odour.

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Nkem Ndem

Nkem Ndem is a dynamic freelance writer and editor who can be reached for online writing(web content and blog) and editing, screenwriting, ghost writing, copy proofreading and reviews. She has since worked with Jumia, SpiceTV Africa, and Bella Naija. Check out her Instagram: @kem_dem, twitter: @ndemv and snapchat: @ndemv

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