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Instagram Hits Users with New App Features

It’s been a pretty busy period at Instagram these past few weeks. There’s been lots of shaking up of the Instagram we are used to and an introduction of new updates to the picture and video sharing app.

Instagram announced that photos and videos will no longer be ordered chronologically on users’ timeline. Instead, Instagram will be using an algorithm to show users the photos it thinks they’ll find most interesting, based on relationships with other users, timing, and interactions including likes and comments. Instagram users are grossly displeased with this feature since it means users could miss a post from a friend because the algorithm might not show it to them. Instagram is still testing this feature.

Meanwhile, the newest feature coming to Instagram is the increase of the video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The feature is available to some users already and will be rolling out to all other instagrammers in the next few months, according to a company blog post. This feature will definitely appeal to Instagram content creators and various other users.

Also, iPhone users will be able to make videos using multiple clips from their camera rolls. This new feature is available with iOS version 7.19 in the Apple store.

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