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Discover ‘Live Video’ On Facebook

Facebook is updating its social network platform with live video features. The ‘live video’ feature has been around for a while, but there is a deeper integration of the feature into the social network’s framework, making it now accessible to all.  This new feature will appeal to those that enjoy video-sharing social networks like Instagram and Periscope.

According to Fidji Simo, Product Management Director at Facebook,
“With Facebook Live, you can use your phone to share a moment instantly with the people you care about. This means your friends, family or fans can be there with you, and you can respond to their comments and see their reactions.”

As part of the new updates to the live video feature, Facebook has made it possible to ‘Go Live’ even in Facebook groups and events, and the video will only be seen by those who belong to that group like a family group, classmates, workmates, and so on.

There are also live reactions that allows one to use the new reactions launched recently by Facebook to express how they feel about the video. These reactions pop up while the video is playing and disappear quickly. These comments or reactions can also be replayed whenever one visits the video again.

In addition, there’s also a feature that allows you to invite your friends to come and join you to watch the live videos. Your friend’s will receive a notification of your invite.

Furthermore, Facebook Live Maps, one of the new features launching with Live Video, allows you to have an aerial view of places where people are creating live videos at the moment.

For ease of access, there will also be a dedicated Live Video tab on the Android and iOS Facebook apps.

These new features may take a while for people to get the hang of it, but with time, it will definitely catch on. Benefits include being able to share amazing moments with our friends and family, enjoying our favourite celebrities and sports stars when they are live and as a useful tool in reporting emergency situations and disastrous occurrences.

This will truly turn the world into a global village.

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