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You Need A Social Media Manager


Like it or not, your business needs a social media presence. Merely having a website and mobile app is no longer enough to ensure maximum outreach. You need to push your brand, product, and services via social media.

A huge amount of money is spent on adverts, but having a social media presence is free advertising and exposes your product to quite a very large population(Facebook has a population of over 1.59 billion monthly active users).

Since running a business is time-consuming on its own, it is only appropriate that the position of a social media manager to handle your online presence cannot be underestimated. Here is a list of what you need to know.

  1. The basic qualities of a social media manager should include:
  • Basic knowledge of computer and mobile devices (must be able to navigate through apps with ease).
  • Technical knowledge of how to surf the internet.
  • Should be someone who’s always up-to-date with the latest happenings and trends generally and in the market/industry of your business.
  • Someone that’s creative

With time, it may be advisable to have more than one person managing your presence. This would ensure more exposure. Having more than one person manage your account entails having more than one administrator for your page on Facebook or Google+ or giving more than one individual access to your Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin account.

  1. Create an account on social media, it could be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ or Pinterest. You can create on all of them. With Facebook and Google+, you create a ‘page’.
  2. Personalize your account by telling us what your business is all about with your contact details.
  3. Create a following, try to get as many followers as you can get (you can never get enough).
  4. Always keep your account updated with recent events about your business and your market/industry.
  5. Once in a while create discussion topics, or find other avenues to engage your followers.

I think that should get you going, and remember there are lots of benefits your business can gain from social media.


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Muna is a software programmer and developer with a passion for technology.

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