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How to Maximize Your Mobile’s Battery Life

Have you ever experienced that situation when you have an important call to make or you’re awaiting an important call and your phone starts beeping battery low and you’re like ‘I just charged this phone a few hours ago.’

In order to minimize the occurrence of such experiences, here are a few tips to ensure your battery lasts longer.

    1. What applications are you using? Some applications drain the battery faster than others, it isn’t wise to be playing games or watching movies when you’re expecting an important call and your battery life is already low. Also, multitasking can drain your battery faster, things like listening to music, while surfing the web or even playing a game.
    2. Close your apps. Still on applications, most of us minimize our apps when we are through with them instead of closing them, this allows these apps to continue running in the background, thereby draining our battery. Ensure you close apps that are not in use.
    3. Decrease your phone’s screen brightness. Even when it’s not necessary, some people put screens on a 100% brightness. This can contribute to what drastically drains a phone’s battery. It is advisable to reduce the brightness of your screen to the level that is beneficial to both your eyes and your battery.
    4. Turn off vibration. Especially when your phone is not in silent mode, and when you are indoors making use of vibration is not advisable. Avoid setting the key-touch to vibrate. Except if your phone is on silent, ensure your vibration is off.
    5. Shorten your screen timeout. Proceed to settings and reduce the timeout duration of your screen so your phone’s screen doesn’t remain on long after you have finished a session with it.
    6. Lock your phone. Yea! In addition to avoiding the embarrassment of dialing numbers unknowingly, locking phones help put your battery in check. So set a lock timeout to suit your preference.
    7. Maximize your phone’s power saving mode. Don’t ignore this phone saver when the battery is low and the phone prompts you to change to power saving mode.
    8. Update your devices. When we get notifications to update our device apps and software, we sometimes overlook them in a bid to save megabyte. That’s not very wise as the newer versions are improved versions and come with better options, including ensuring the longevity of battery life. If you’re on a low-cost data plan, try updating whenever there is Wi-Fi around.
    9. Maintain room temperature. Extreme temperatures affect battery life. Smartphones work best from, say, 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. So stop keeping your phones on the dashboard of your cars.

Here’s to a long-lasting battery!!!

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Muna is a software programmer and developer with a passion for technology.

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