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Highlights of Apple’s WWDC 2016

Apple is currently holding a week-long World Wide Developer Conference which began on Monday 13th June and would end on Friday 17th June at San Francisco USA. The event is a coming together of Apple’s developer community to learn about the future of Apples’ four main Operating Systems – macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Thus far, Apple has revealed dozens of upgrades to its four main software platforms and also they have significantly increased access that third-party developers have to some of their core apps.

Starting from watchOS, an update to watchOS is an improvement from its immediate predecessor, especially in terms of speed as apps will now load 7times faster also it has a new dock feature and control centre like an iOS. Coming with the upgrade is “Scribble” a handwriting support app and a new quick reply button with pre-written responses. In case of emergencies, there’s now an SOS mode that allows you to hold the side button to call 911. This and few other exciting apps will be included in the update which is free to general consumers.

Next is the tvOS, Apple’s OS for television. Coming this year is a new remote app that can stand in for the physical remote in case it gets missing or you need more remotes for a multi-player game. Also, there is now single sign in, you no longer need to enter your cable subscription information per app, but it’s now once for all.

Going on to macOS formerly known as OSX, this version will be called Sierra and has some exciting new features like picture in picture, universal clipboard and lots of others. On the new Sierra, Apple watch owners will be able to unlock their computers without typing in a password. Applepay is also now available on the web. Tabs will no longer be just for browsers, people will have the option to add tabs for other apps and changes to cloud optimises storage by keeping older files on the cloud and leaving room for new files.

And finally iOS. Introducing iOS 10 which has a long list of newbies. First, the phone’s lock screen has been modified so when it’s lifted it gives you an overview of notifications and updates. The new notifications look significantly different and, with the use of 3D Touch, you can respond to and interact with the app sending them immediately. Siri now has more contextual awareness. It makes intelligent suggestions based on your current location, calendar availability, contact information, recent addresses, and more.

A major update to the Photos app adds new object and scene detection for powerful search and sorting on your device. The phone will cluster together photos that are most relevant at any moment — trips, photos of the last weekend or last year. It can then automatically edit together highlight reels of particular trips or events. There is also a new feature called Memories, which shows you highlights and people, a map of locations, and related memories.

The messaging app is getting rich links in the new iOS version, allowing things like videos to play right in line inside the message. Emoji have been made three times bigger, Apple is going to highlight “emojifiable” words, which you’ll be able to just tap and automatically turn into emoji. The messaging app is also getting bubble effects.

All in all, it’s going to be fun using these new features.

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