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10 Things To Do Before Leaving For A Vacation

The holidays are here again and with it comes a list of places to travel to. Sure, everyone knows to pack all they will need and lock up their house before they leave for the trip, but there are a few other important things too that people tend to forget to do.

Before you lock the door and say bon voyage, read Jumia Travel’s list of things people often forget to do before travelling to make sure you are ready for your next trip!

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  1. Make a checklist of things you need and double check it. Before you start packing, it is important to make a list of all the things you need for the trip so you can check them out as you pack them in. The list should include things like passport, tickets, confirmation numbers, money, emergency contact numbers, prescriptions, itinerary, e.t.c. Take time (like a few days or even a week before the trip) to build up the list; that way you can remember all items needed.
  2. Pay off your bills and schedule payments. You do not want to come back from the trip to a house without electricity, water, or even find a notice on your door. Ensure that you pay for any bills that may be due, that way you don’t have to worry about it while you are away. From rent to car loan payments, insurance bills, internet services and various other utilities, ensure you pay ahead or visit your bank to schedule automated payments.
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  3. Make copies of important items. Even if you have a digital copy of your credentials, be sure to have paper copies of your passport and credit cards with you. You may never tell, the need to leave your documents for some reason may arise.
  4. Alert your bank or credit card provider. Most people overlook this. It is important you call and inform your bank or credit card provider of your trip, especially if you will be travelling out of the country. This way, they expect to see some international charges and they monitor your account and alert you when they see unusual activities.
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  5. Clean out your wallet. Don’t just pack your wallet into your bag like that. Ensure you look through it, empty it and sort out the contents. Be sure to take out any extra credit cards, reward cards and cash you will be needing for the trip. That way, your wallet is nice and light and you also do not lose anything you did not even need to use during the trip in the first place, if you lose your wallet.
  6. Create an automated email response. This is very important for those who own businesses. Do not forget to create an automated email response or even a personalized voicemail telling people that you are out of town and even offering them an alternative means to reach you. Even if you plan on keeping up with correspondence, it is important you still set up this response as it relieves you of the pressure to answer quickly and reduce the number of emails you get.
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  7. Unplug and switch off all electronics. This is very important. You cannot trust PHCN when it comes to power surge. To reduce the risk of any electrical accident, remember to turn everything off or even better, unplug them, to conserve energy and money.
  8. Turn off all water supply. Make sure you turn off every water supply to your washing machines, kitchen taps, showers and toilets; that way you avoid possibilities of flooding while you are away.
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  9. Clean out your fridge and dust bin. You really do not want to come back to a maggot infested bin or spoilt food in the fridge. Depending on how long you are away, clean out perishables from the fridge and empty your dustbin. Do not just tie it in nylon and leave it at the gate, ensure the waste management company picks the dirt bag up.
  10. Arrange a trusted neighbor to keep an eye. No matter how well you lock your house and follow all safety measures, it is essential that you inform your neighbors you will be away and if possible, ask one of them to keep an eye on your property; either to help you take care of your pets and plants, to move cars in event of fire or other emergencies or to check doors and rear of the house occasionally, for security reasons.
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