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7 Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is an off-white fatty substance obtained from the nuts of the shea tree in Africa. The shea nuts when harvested, are crushed and boiled to extract the shea butter, which is rich in stearic, oleic acids and rich in vitamin E and vitamin A. Raw shea butter aids in numerous skin conditions such as eliminating stretch marks, wrinkles, rashes, eczema and muscle fatigue. Here are some of the uses of shea butter:

1. A key ingredient for natural skin care: Shea butter is a great natural ingredient for the skin gives a nice glow to the skin, when shea butter is being applied to the body regularly it provides it with hydration and makes the skin soft.

2. Eliminates wrinkles:  Very vital for the skin, research has shown that when you keep applying shea butter continuously on the skin for four to six weeks it helps to keep wrinkles in check.

3. Good for hair and scalp: Shea butter is a very good agent for healthy hair and scalp as it helps eliminate dandruff, moisturizes hair, defines curls, moisturizes the scalp and seals in hair moisture. For fantastic results, melt some amount of shea butter and once it’s cool to a reasonable temperature apply in small amounts directly onto your scalp and hair.

4. Reduces stretch marks: It has a hydrating quality, when continuously used it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scarring as well as cellulite by smoothening and softening the skin.

5. Baby care: Aside from being gentle and soft on the skin, shea butter is specially adapted for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It makes a great diaper rash and eczema ointment for babies because of its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight off yeast.

6. For relief of body pain: After a stressful day and the resulting body aches, take a cool bath and massage your body with shea butter to soothe pains and keep you refreshed.

7. Effective against cold: Shea butter also serves as a relief from nasal congestion, clearing up the nasal passage when applied to the mucosal lining.

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Nusirat Badmus holds a bachelor's degree in Economics, She's passionate about health, personal development and relationships.

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