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Four Reasons Why You Should Stop the Over-Attachment to Your Phone

We are in the 21st century, the world is now a global village, everyone has a phone. These are the excuses we sometimes give for being too attached to our mobile phones. It has replaced our calendar, our calculators, our wristwatches, our alarm clocks and so on. It is now gradually replacing our physical relationships with people and taking the place of normal human interactions. Gadgets have been developed to make life easier for us and not replace all the meaningful persons in our life. It is now common nowadays to find relationships that depend on the availability and use of these mobile phones which has now resulted in an over-attachment to phones. If you are one of these people that are too attached to their phones, below are some reasons why you need to detach yourself.

  • It reduces natural social interactions: Gone are the days when family members and friends can all sit around a table and look each other in the eye. At least one person will be busy pressing or playing with his phone. The normal feeling of face to face interactions has been replaced by text messages and online chatting. Social interactions have been greatly reduced as people now prefer to spend more time with their phones than with friends. If you find yourself in this category of people, it is time to detach yourself from your phone and focus on real people.

  • It might pose a health risk: We are constantly being bombarded with news of how harmful a cell phone can be if not used in the recommended way. The phones emit radiation that can prove harmful to the human body at certain levels. The accessories such as the earpieces and chargers also need to be used cautiously and at the right places so as to avoid the accidents they can cause.

  • It can lead to addiction: Constantly holding and pressing the phone can lead to addiction and obsession with it. If you cannot stay away from your phone for more than thirty minutes even if you have nothing important to do with it, then you really need to start learning how to stop the attachment you have to it. We are meant to use phones, not the other way round.

  • It might weaken your relationships: Even if you fall out or break up with someone, it should not be because of something as trivial as cell phone attachment. Relationships are not built over the phone, they need to be worked on with human effort. Nowadays, we have relationships that do not last because someone refused to pick or return calls. Focusing your energy on your phone instead of individuals around you might weaken the bonds. Phones are used to help relationships grow and not destroy them.
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Jelifat Opoola

Opoola Jelifat is a young and passionate writer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and enjoys reading, cooking and writing on real life issues. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Ibadan. Contact her on, and via Twitter and facebook by clicking the icons below.

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