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5 Easy and Quick Breakfasts You Can Prepare

It has been said over and over again that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped no matter, some experts have even gone further to advise individuals to eat breakfast like kings, lunch like princes and dinner like paupers. It all boils down to the fact that meals should be eaten in the right proportion in order for them to confer a maximum benefit to the body system. However, one issue that hinders most people from eating breakfasts is the inability to prepare it because it takes time and it requires certain skills. Not to worry, we have got you covered with these easy and quick breakfast recipes you can try:


  • Noodles and eggs: This is one of the quickest meals you can cook in the mornings. It does not require any special skills and is takes less than thirty minutes to prepare. All you have to do is buy a noodle pack and cook it according to the instructions written by the manufacturer. The noodles can then be eaten with boiled or fried eggs, or eggs scrambled into noodles.


  • Sandwiches and beverages: Some smart people have made thriving businesses selling hot beverages and sandwiches to employees hurrying to work. Why spend money buying sandwiches when you can make yours easily at home? A simple morning combo of sandwiches and a hot beverage can be made depending on the time you have on your hands and the ingredients on ground. For example, you can slice bread into small pieces and add fishes, vegetables and butter to it, this can then be washed down with a cup of hot cocoa drink.


  • Cereals: This is as simple as it sounds because it does not actually involve any ‘cooking’. Cereals can simply be made by pouring the desired amount into a bowl and adding milk and sugar to taste. There are a lot of cereal brands out there, all you have to do is to buy one that appeals to your appetite and prepare according to your preference. Just make sure you drink enough water after eating cereals because it might cause heartburn when little or no water is taken after consuming it.

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  • Yam and eggs: Okay this is actually a meal that requires skills but is also done within a few minutes. The first thing to do is to peel the yams and slice them into manageable sizes. After the yam has been cut and washed, they are then boiled until soft and edible. Scrambled eggs can be prepared by breaking and whisking the eggs into a bowl. Add onions, pepper and a pinch of salt then batter and shallow fry with vegetable oil in a pan.


  • Plantain with sauce: If you think peeling yams might take a bit of extra time, boiled plantains are worth trying. Simply wash the plantain sticks, then boil. In ten minutes it is ready, then you can peel and enjoy with egg sauce or stew.
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Jelifat Opoola

Opoola Jelifat is a young and passionate writer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and enjoys reading, cooking and writing on real life issues. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Ibadan. Contact her on, and via Twitter and facebook by clicking the icons below.

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