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7 Secrets Fulfilled Business Owners Know

WHEN it comes to running a business, it’s easy to become drained and despondent because the truth is, it’s not a walk in the park. You have to hold everything together to ensure that your business is profitable, that you can pay salaries without delay, and that the work environment is as conducive to productivity as possible.

However, every happy business owner knows that, in addition to taking care of business, you must also take care of yourself. Here are 7 ways to do just that:

  1. Keep your workspace tidy

Apart from the negative effects of starting your morning with a cluttered desk, wasting time searching for stuff can make an already busy day feel much worse. Have a place for everything, and ensure that everything stays in their place. This way, you’re more productive and less stressed out.

 read books

  1. Nourish your mind

You can hardly read an interview or story about a truly successful entrepreneur without books being mentioned. Many of them set targets, and some read 50 books a year. Reading exercises your brain, helps your confidence grow as your knowledge does, and opens you up to new ways of running a business and living well. It’s never too late to cultivate a reading habit. If you don’t like flipping pages, then you can always buy audio books.


  1. Use a to-do list for everything

You’ve probably heard a hundred times that using a to-do list makes you more efficient at work, but did you know that it can also simplify your life all-round? Fulfilled business owners know that writing down their tasks, whether work-related or not, will help them enjoy life and work better.

 to do list

  1. Learn how to listen well

No man is an island; you need information from others when running a business. So, you must learn to listen more than you speak. When it comes to receiving information, one major blockade is thinking that you already know what the person has to say. Effective listening includes letting the other person finish speaking instead of interrupting, as well as actually listening to what they’re really saying instead of being busy mentally formulating an answer even before they’re done.


  1. Keep your finances in order

Nobody is responsible for your financial well-being except you, so you must know the basics of money management and play by the rules. When you’re not in a good place financially, it’s going to affect your business and the way you make decisions. If you’re in debt, come up with a plan to pay it off. If you’re debt-free, make sure you’re saving, investing and tracking your spending so as to plug any leaks. Stay financially healthy and your business will be better for it.




  1. Be a giver

This is one secret that fulfilled business owners all over the world know too well. Whether or not you are a spiritual person, the benefits of giving are undeniable. A closed fist cannot receive. Money needs to flow, and that’s why you need to keep the channels open by giving. However, giving isn’t all about money. Give compliments, advice and support also. For instance, if you seize every opportunity to recommend a fellow entrepreneur, and by so doing help their business, you can expect it to come back to you when you need it.


  1. Have quiet time daily

Quiet time is where you connect deeply with God, unburden and cleanse yourself, and receive guidance and direction. However, even if you’re not spiritually inclined, you can still benefit from a time of solitude and reflection, without people or gadgets to distract you. This time of refreshing will impact your business positively.

Do you practice any of these? Do share your experience in the comments.


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Joy Ehonwa

Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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