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Ìsúra: Jewelry Made For You

Ìsúra Jewelry was born in 2011. Ìsúra is the Yoruba word that means “treasure”. Here, we make jewelry because we love to create pieces for women to express their personal style. We want to bring out your uniqueness and showcase it. We make your jewelry the way YOU like it and we are driven by these 4 Cardinal Rules:

  1. Exclusive Style: Every woman has her own style and should be free to express it. Whether it’s bold and audacious, or simple and understated, we are all about YOU and YOUR personal style.
  1. We NEVER say no: Our creativity is ignited when we are given a design challenge. We don’t see impossibilities and we will ALWAYS strive to come up with a solution to delight our customers.
  1. Quality: We stand behind each of our pieces and we ensure our customers get exactly what they pay for. We constantly pursue the most reliable sources for our components and will always let you KNOW what to expect.
  1. Relationships: We build friendships with our customers. We want to know you beyond the surface. We want to uncover your PERSONALITY and express it through our designs.

Our goal is to create timeless pieces that our customers will enjoy wearing and be able to pass on to their generations. We want to create more than just jewelry; we want to give our customers treasured memories.

So take a look at our shop and find something that expresses you. Can’t find something you want or want a customized item, get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to work with you to create something you’ll treasure.

For more details, kindly log on to or call 0803-200-5845, or follow us on Instagram @treasuresbyisura.


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