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How to Lessen the Noise from a Generator

A generator is an important device in your home, particularly if you live in an area where power blackouts are rampant. Unfortunately, most generators are noisy when running and hence disturb your neighbors, passers-by and, in some cases, even interfere with activities going in your home. Continue reading for tips on how to reduce noise produced by a generator.

  1. Examine the Exhaust
    Since the exhaust is one of the most important constituents of a generator, you need to check it regularly. Noises from your generator come from two primary parts the exhaust, and the engine. Since there is nothing you can do to reduce noise emanating from the engine, you should install a muffler to reduce noise from the exhaust substantially. You can replace the original exhaust with a huge muffler, or you (if you have the technical know-how) can replace it with a car muffler, and the noise will reduce by a significant margin.

    You may want to watch the video below for further detail.

  1. Modify the exhaust pipe of your generator to face up
    Exhaust pipes are horizontal and as such send sound waves in a single direction. The noise, therefore, is louder and more irritating. Additionally, if the exhaust pipe is directed towards your house, the situation is even worse. By modifying the exhaust pipe to face up, the waves will be directed up making the generator produce less noise to its surrounding. While such modifications may change the appearance of your generator, the reduction in noise level is well worth it.
  1. Build an Enclosure
    Construct a concrete floor with either brick or wooden enclosure for your generator so as to absorb the noise it produces. Place a fireproof insulator around the cabinet to deflect and absorb the sound. However, you must ensure that the enclosure is large enough and adequately ventilated to avoid the room becoming too hot. Sufficient ventilation additionally prevents the accumulation of fumes from the generator within the compartment. So, you need to add an electric fan to provide air flow across your generator set.
  1. Avoid installing your generator near your house
    Note that the further your generator is from your home the quieter the generator appears. This strategy is both the most effective and the least expensive means of dealing with a noisy generator. The only precaution is the generator must be safeguarded against any form of damage or tampering. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to incur extra cash from time to time repair your generator.
  1. Position your generator correctly
    Regardless of whether you place your generator near your house or far away, the manner in which you stand it matters a lot. Whenever possible, install your generator such that the exhaust is directed away from the living quarters. The exhaust happens to be the noisiest compartment in a generator and as such pointing, it away from living quarters do justice to both your family members and your neighbors.
  1. Install sound reflectors
    While constructing your generator an enclosure, be sure to install a sound reflector. Installing a sound reflector necessarily implies redirecting the noise produced by your generator away from your home. Experts recommend building a wall between your house and the generator. The wall will reflect the sound and make the generator less noisy. The reflector simply makes the generator sound less noisy.
  1. Invest in a quieter generator
    Large generators are typically intended to be employed in construction sites among other key areas where noise is not a major concern. Several other generators have been designed to be less noisy and are intended to be used in residential and public places. So, if adopting any of the above tips on how to curb noise produced by a generator is not viable, buying a quieter generator will do. Quiet portable generators will save you, your family members and your neighbors, from having to put up a noisy and hence irritating generator.

Armed with the tips on how to silence a generator above, regardless of whether you are expert in dealing with generators or not, you’ll be able to deal decisively with a noisy generator and enjoyed a well-deserved piece of mind. Be sure to follow the details to the latter, and you will have impressive, desirable and fulfilling results.


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    Enakpotobor Emmanuel

    23rd June 2018 at 11:13 am

    Thank you for the experience. My question is, can there be any available solutions or device that can be install in a generator or the exhaust to silence the noise?

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