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Nigeria Today: Top 5 News Stories, Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

1. NNPC has urged Nigerians not to panic, as there are no plans to increase in fuel price.

2. The House of Representatives has opposed the plans by the Federal Executive Council to concede rail lines to General Electric.

3. President Buhari has approached the National Assembly for ₦180 billion naira virement from the Special Intervention Programme, of which ₦71.8 billion is to address shortfalls in Public Service Wage Adjustment, ₦35 billion goes to the Amnesty Programme and ₦19.7 billion goes to NYSC, amongst other lists.

4. Senators have called for the reintroduction of toll fares on federal roads as a means of generating funds for road maintenance.

  1. UAC Foods have debunked the vicious social media rumour surrounding the popular Gala Sausage Roll.
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