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Getting The Most Out Of The Initial Jogging Experience

The thought of jogging might put some people off or come across as a rigorous chore than a revitalising form of exercise. With more joggers becoming a familiar sight, many spectators might wonder how these individuals keep up.

And despite the amusing stare, the runner’s clothing soaked in sweat yet an unfeigned look on his or her face; the benefits doubly outweigh the significant effort. When compared to other activities, you burn more calories and increase the rate of your body’s metabolism. Decreased heart disease risk, increased endurance, odourless sweat, able to cope with and handle stress and improved muscle tone are some of the profound benefits of jogging.

Therefore the rewards of this invigorating workout is a no brainer. Hence, the reason why many do so on a regular basis. But apart from knowing that one is doing the right thing, how can a beginner get the most out of the initial jogging experience and remain focused? I’m no fitness queen but a regular jogger with few tips.

The first attempt can be quite intimidating because you might be self-conscious, worried about silly remarks from bystanders and concerned about taking on the challenge. It’s normal so don’t be discouraged but focused on what you stand to gain. Some people will talk, gaze and possibly commend your efforts. Nevertheless, you’ll have to believe in yourself and endeavour to remain your biggest motivator.

A brilliant way to warm up is by walking briskly, moving your arms and shoulders then steadily pick up pace for about 10 minutes. This will increase your heart rate, warm up the muscles and provide the much-needed oxygen. You can stretch on the spot, also known as static stretching but preferably after jogging. By then, the muscles are filled with oxygen, nutrients, and very warm. It also reduces the strain on your muscles.

Hard work does come with some degree of pain, but perseverance is a soothing and long lasting determinant. After the first few jogs, your muscles might feel sore with some discomfort in certain parts of your body, e.g., legs, thighs, and arms, etc. and quitting might seem the next best thing. Don’t! The pain will ease as the muscles adjust to the new work out. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and work within your stride.

Photo credit: Samuel Borges via Shutterstock

Photo credit: Samuel Borges via Shutterstock

To withstand the heat even when it reaches its stifling peak, wearing breathable and lightweight fabrics is a must. So an old tee shirt, camisole, shorts or sweatpants are comfortable apparel but ideally cotton. The natural fiber in cotton allows air to circulate freely through the fabric, making the heat feel bearable. Plus, it absorbs more water before it feels damp, helping you to stay dry and fresh as you sweat.

You can’t afford to wear the wrong type of shoes as the effect could either harness the entire experience or do more harm than good. A good pair of running shoes reduces some of the strain on the heels, ankles, and toes. It also helps the activity feel more comfortable and safer when it becomes a routine. Running shoes also improves the body’s mechanics by providing appropriate cushioning which reduces the risk of knee, back and hip pain.

Jogging with music isn’t compulsory but makes the exercise feel less strenuous and more pleasurable. However, you’ll need to use suitable device and ideal music to be in sync with your steps. Also the volume shouldn’t be too loud as you need to be cautious of any potential danger.

Always drink enough water to remain hydrated. You’ll loose quite a bit during the work out.

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