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Made in Nigeria Project Announces the Made in Nigeria Conference & Exhibition 2016

The Made In Nigeria Project, organisers of the Made In Nigeria Conference and Exhibition, has officially announced the third edition of the ‎annual event, which is slated to hold in Lagos at the Landmark Centre, on November 29th, 2016 with the theme “Possibilities Made in Nigeria- A Re-direction towards Economic Growth, SME Advancement, and National Transformation.”

The one-day conference and exhibition is aimed at re-defining narratives about Nigeria’s current economic challenges as the debate on socio-economic growth, SME advancement, national aspiration towards self-sufficiency, job creation and employment, diversification, and many other sensitive topics is one which is rather sporadic but short-lived on the lips of the debaters.

The Made in Nigeria Conference and Exhibition seeks to facilitate a practical exchange of ideas as speakers and panelists shall be discussing Nigeria as she stands, the strength of her human capital, the prospects of her quest towards self-sufficiency, the opportunities that abound regardless of her present daunting economic challenges, with issue and solution-based discussions, pragmatic panel sessions, presentations, and a Made in Nigeria exhibition hub.

Speaking on the third edition of the annual Conference, Executive Director of the Made In Nigeria Project, Adedeji Alebiosu said “We hope to capture the essence of the role MSMEs play towards economic growth and transformation, with a focus on the growing opportunities, possibilities and growth trajectory in the informal sector. Our focus on the growth of micro-small and medium scale enterprises hinges on the position SMEs play towards every economy’s growth, which are cardinal to our national goal towards self-sufficiency. More so, we aim to celebrate and promote the existing innovative solutions that have been deployed in Nigeria through enterprise and entrepreneurial machinations, as synonymous with the national identity.”

The conference objectives will also focus on a national framework that will project ‘Made in Nigeria’ as the new economic frontier and provide a national development strategy for our short, medium and long-term plan for self-sufficiency, economic diversification, and an export-driven economy with the focus on encouraging local production and consumption. It also seeks to, through this initiative, create a model for the growth and advancement of the non-oil and informal sector which in turn puts Nigeria on the path towards economic recovery.

Director, Strategy and Operations, Adelanke Ladejobi also added, “We look to ensure balance and accuracy by speaking to a global audience using our collective voice, offering our own perspectives, with a focus on the growing possibilities of Made in Nigeria regardless of our daunting economic challenges. In the past editions, the Made in Nigeria Conference and Exhibition has hosted a myriad of prominent speakers in the Nigerian space who have commented and reiterated the possibilities of a Made in Nigeria ‎driven economy with emphasis on the framework for growth and development.”

The Made in Nigeria Conference and Exhibition will pragmatically address the government’s role in the development ‎and support of entrepreneurs, access to finance, taxation, ease of doing business, and human capital development for small and medium scale enterprises. It will also partner with public regulators and the organised private sector to ensure that MSMEs in the country are bankable and viable enough to access the Federal Government’s floated MSME funds as well as private start-up capital from key stakeholders. We would be entrenching MSMEs as a central part of national policy and ensuring that SMEs who are national assets are empowered by this initiative.

It will feature speakers and panelists, over hundred home-grown brands and businesses who’ll be exhibiting at its Made in Nigeria Exhibition hub with over two thousand guests in attendance.

Registration is FREE and ‎open at For more inquiries and information, contact

You can join the discourse online via #MadeInNigeriaProject

F‎acebook- The Made In Nigeria Project

Twitter- @MadeInNigeria_

Instagram- @MadeInNigeriaProject

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