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10 Needful Things to Get for a Lady at Christmas

Characterizing Christmas in Nigeria is the harmattan, family reunion, fun places to go and time to relax. With this in mind, here are ten uncommon but lovely gifts to get a lady.

1. Sunshades, since the sun will be hot and the wind dry. The chances are high that she’ll need to shield her eyes from the elements.

2. A turban. Does she like keeping up with trends? Turbans are now in vogue, with different styles- some come as caps and are ready to wear, others come as a long velvet piece that can be wrapped round, and I’ll add- or converted into a big headband or neck wrap.

3. Shawls are never out of fashion, and if you’re not sure of the turban, the shawl is a worthy alternative and can be used for more.

4. Lip balms are a must-have during the harmattan. The weather will be so dry, she’ll need to protect her lips from getting chapped.

5. Flat shoes. If she’s likely to spend the holidays visiting, sneakers, moccasins, or any other covered flat shoes will be the preferred footwear in keeping her feet away from dust.

6. A jacket. To check a weather that goes from too cold in the morning to hot during the day and back to too cold by night, she’ll love a jacket or blazer she could put on or take off with ease.

7. If she loves reading, get her a book or collection by one of her favorite authors. If she doesn’t like reading, still get her a book on something that interests her say an art book, a cookbook, a book on tech, travel or sports, a prayer book, whatever book. You know her better.

8. A selfie stick: Since Christmas is normally a reunion time with family, there’ll be lots of pictures to take or videos to make for memories sake, hence a good selfie stick might be what to consider.

9. A tote bag: Christmas activities are spontaneous, ranging from wedding parties to picnics or sleepovers at a friend’s or relative’s. She’ll love the gift of a tote bag to toss things in.

10. T-shirts are always welcome in a lady’s wardrobe. They are casual and chic, dressy and easy to maintain. Get her t-shirts that have something inspirational written on them here.

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Nnenna is an editor and writer at Connect Nigeria. She loves fine art, books and places.



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