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Nigerian Artiste Faridah Demola-Seriki Gets Grammy Nomination

The list of nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards has two Nigerians on it. Wizkid, who featured in Drake’s 2016 album Views, has been nominated courtesy of that project; the album will be vying with others from Adele, Justin Bieber, Sturgill Simpson and Beyonce for the Album of the Year Award.

The other Nigerian contention for an award is Faridah Demola-Seriki or Kah-Lo, as she is more widely known in the world of music. Although she isn’t as famous as Wizkid is in Nigeria, she has a considerable following in the United States, where she is based.

Faridah, who describes herself as a “multitalented monotone rap princess”, contributed vocals to Riton’s song, Rinse and Repeat. She is now in the running to bag a Grammy, as the track has been nominated for Best Dance Recording.

The artist shared a photo announcement of her nomination on Instagram on Thursday, with the words, “Oluwa did it! Riton has all the swag sauce.”

Rinse and Repeat has proved to be a hit, with millions of views on YouTube.

Faridah, an alumna of the Hofstra University in the United States, is the daughter of Chief Demola Seriki, a former minister of defense.

The Grammy Awards Ceremony will hold on February 12, 2017, and will be broadcast live on CBS.

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Ikenna Nwachukwu

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