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Core Elements Every E-commerce Website Needs (1)

In Growing Your Nigerian E-commerce Website to Make Sales, we discussed six questions that your customers have in mind about your product page before making a decision to buy. Please read it to better understand this article.


Copywriting is a powerhouse player and can answer nearly every question your customer has! It includes headlines, descriptions, persuasions, and answers every single key question the customer is asking. It explains what the product is and answers the questions- What does the product look like? How big or small is the product? Can the product be delivered? Can I return it? Can I trust your brand?

However, if you rely strictly on copywriting, you will be missing out on the possibilities of exploring other elements that can provide better results when combined.

It has to differentiate your product from other products and showcase the specific and unique features that your business operates on. Copywriting should also focus more on the benefits than features of your product; you can have benefit-rich features but always focus on the benefits.


Images are another power player when used correctly. Images answer 4 key questions out of the six that customers are asking on your product page. It provides answers to the questions- What is the product? What does it look like? How big or small is it? Can I trust the brand?

Use the image checklist below when posting images on your product page:

  1. High resolution.
  2. Zoomability.
  3. Multiple images.
  4. Shows the product in use.
  5. 360 view.

Ratings and Reviews

Simply put, people are more likely to buy when there are ratings and reviews on your website.

Ratings answer one key question only, can I trust your brand? The more ratings you have the greater people’s perception of your brand.

Reviews on the other hand answer key questions such as; How big or small it is? Can it deliver? Can I return it?can I trust the brand?  About 60% of online shoppers consult reviews.

If you are manipulating your reviews to only showcase positive reviews while deleting the negative reviews, you’re only dehumanizing your brand. Trust is built on balance so having a few negative reviews isn’t the worst thing in the world and could actually help in ensuring your customers trust you further.

Call to Action (CTAs)

So CTAs don’t really answer questions, but you don’t get what you don’t ask for so they are a staple on a product page.

CTAs must

  • Stand out.
  • Be clear. If you are adding to cart, DO NOT say buy now.
  • Validate action. If added to cart, show that the product is in the cart.


Nobody wants a surprise charge on their credit card, so tell them what it costs. However, there are different ways to display prices based on your target market.

It is important to know your customers and to understand their preferences in price display methods. Price changes people’s perception of things. If you are a high-end brand, and you are undercutting your price, it creates ambiguity which in turn creates confusion.

Some sites that sell high-end products usually make their prices a bit smaller in text and light in font so that it is not loud and out there. This is because their audience is not really interested in price as to other factors they are judging to buy with. A website like Versace isn’t looking for the everyday man to purchase from their site and so they practice this price display method.

But for most e-commerce sites that sell everyday items, the price is out there and clear.

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Akanbi Adedamola is an entrepreneur, author, and digital marketer. He is the Founder of a food procurement, logistics, and delivery company and also manages the SEO and content marketing of He enjoys writing, marketing and making sales. Connect with him by clicking the icons below

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