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Whenever I have to go on a trip, the first thing I worry about is ‘Food’. I like good food, so much that hunger hardly ever wins the battle of making me settle for anything less. So when my husband, Kay, and I ended up at a short-let apartment at Agungi road, Lekki Lagos, I panicked. We had a kitchen in our apartment and could cook our meals but we just started work in Lagos, and there was hardly the time. So on our first weekend we decided to go food hunting.

As we walked down the street we saw many restaurants. Kay was ready to try a few but of course I was skeptical. While I am picky and cautious, Kay is a risk taker and could eat a worm just to know what it tastes like. Anyway we finally came upon this display of chicken laps and breasts:

We asked the man responsible for this palatable sight what he offered and he said, “chicken and chips.” It was sold. We walked in and ordered. About fifteen minutes later, this platter arrived for each of us:

Oh my! Kay please help me out here.


Sure Jay. Let’s see… can you combine the delicate artistry of a five star chef with the local sumptuousness of grandma’s kitchen? If you can, then that is what we got. The chips, sizzling and farm fresh, was crisp without being dry, while the chicken was coal-roasted, just enough to melt away the fatty layers without charring the flesh.

Jay’s nails dug into my arm, which she had grabbed at the sight of the dish, when the guy asked,

“Would you like our special pepper sauce?”

I had to answer “yes” because my dearly beloved was drooling at this point.

As we dug in, every bite offered more goodness than promised, especially the pepper sauce which Jay enjoyed a little more than necessary, if you ask me.  Twenty minutes later, hands and lips lavishly oiled, I was picking the chicken bones off Jay’s plate when Jeff, which we discovered was his name, with his papa’s cap and constant grin, came to clear the plates.  

If you can stand the noisy rowdiness of the Agungi life or you just want to get some palate stimulating goodness ‘on the go’, then pay a visit to ‘Kamjeff’ kitchen at 1,Bola Salami  Agungi Raod. It might look like just a shack by the roadside, but we left that cosy little assemblage of iron boards and sagging canopy fed like the ancient Roman kings.

But Kay if you ask me, I think he needs to work a bit more on his waiter and the environment, to match his food.

You read my mind Jay, let’s hope he takes the advice we gave him. (Read Kay’s advice to Kamjeff)

Cost (Naira)

Chips = 500

Chicken (big) = 1,300

Total = 1,800

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Jay & Kay

We're a couple who find our shared love for food, movies, reading and writing an extremely rewarding way to experience life. We believe that there's so much to enjoy about life not to share it.



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