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Register for SME Breakfast Hosted by TBWA for Business Owners in Lagos on the 25th of May

Growth brings with it huge challenges as well as opportunities.

SME Breakfast seeks to support Nigeria’s SMEs’ development and growth needs by addressing current key challenges businesses face, in the midst of rising competition resulting in a loss of market share. The breakfast session will propose initiatives and strategies for SMEs to shift their focus and embrace the concept of differentiation, by adopting a more customer-driven strategy.

Businesses need to understand the customers’ current needs and wants and ensure that they are equipped with the right strategies, processes and marketing initiatives to satisfy them. Client engagement and acquisition through branding efforts and customized services are increasingly part of businesses efforts in securing and retaining loyal clients, who are ultimately responsible for a company’s long-term success.

The Breakfast session will feature top experts and leaders of businesses that have grasped the growth agenda, demonstrating that the move to the mid-market can be achieved with the right ambition, planning, funding, and support.

The theme for the SME Breakfast is ‘Growing SMEs through Branding and Marketing’.

Highlights of the Breakfast Session
  • Keynote address
  • Panel discussion session
  • Networking and breakfast
  • Clinic sessions
Who should attend?
  • Start-ups and ambitious SME CEOs.
  • Decision makers across industries.
  • Brand and marketing managers.
  • Government agencies with key SME interest.

Register here to get an invite. Attendance is strictly by invitation.

Visit or call Emeka 0812 328 0135 for more information.

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