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How to Check Your Phone Number Without ‘Flashing’ (All Networks)

How to Check Your Phone Number Without ‘Flashing’ (All Networks)

Have you ever been in a situation where you just got a new line and someone asks for your number but you don’t know it by heart yet? Or that awkward moment when you don’t remember your phone number? The following tutorial will show you how to check your phone number on any network without having to call (or ‘flash’) anyone. 

  • Airtel

To check your phone number on Airtel Nigeria, dial *121# and follow the instructions on the window. Type 1 and send to select My Profile option. On the next screen, type 1 and send to select My Number. Your mobile number will be displayed on your screen.

  • MTN

On MTN, you can check by dialing *123# and follow the screen instructions. Type 1 and send to select My Account Information option. Under My Account Information, type 1 and send to select My Number, and your number would show on your screen.

  • GLO

If you are a Glo subscriber, simply dial 1244 and listen. A voice will call out your Glo phone number.

  • Etisalat

Just dial *248# and your number will be staring at you.

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