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Do You Know That Google Tracks Everything You Do?

Do You Know That Google Tracks Everything You Do?

Are you aware that Google tracks your movement and your activities on the internet? Speechless? Well, yes, Google knows where you are, where you traveled, your interests and so on. No wonder it’s advised to be careful what you put in the Google search box, because ‘Google is watching’.

Wondering why? well, it’s definitely not because google is creepy or something weirder. Google simply wants to be able to optimize your search and make your life easier. However, imagine what would happen if your account were hacked or your phone falls into the wrong hands. The person would automatically know what you’ve been searching, where you’ve been, your deep deep secrets, your home address, your route and other vital information.

The good news is that you can disable this feature, and delete the previous history the search engine has on you. Do you want to know how?

Follow the few steps below to stop Google from tracking you:

 Step 1: Open Google Maps and Select Your Timeline from settings.

Step 2: Select the three vertical dots on the upper right corner and tap Settings.

Step 3: After you tap on Settings, scroll to Location is On.

Step 4: Tap on Location is On to turn it off.

 Another option launched by Google is ‘My Activity’ option, where you can check all the data Google has on you. With this option, you can disable and delete all the data the search engine (Google) has on you.

 To disable and delete previous data history, follow the steps below:

 Step 1: Type in ‘My Activity’ in your Google Search Bar

Step 2: Click on the first result

Step 3: You will be required to sign in with your Google account

Step 4: Take a glance through the data Google has stored about you. Are you shocked?

Step 5: Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner (if you intend to delete the data)

Step 6: Tap on Delete Activity By . Select your preferred option when it opens.

 Note: If you want to stop Google recording your data, tap on Activity Controls (you’ll find this at the first page of My Activity option) and Turn Off all the six options.

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Kofoworola Omotayo

Kofoworola Omotayo is a freelance writer, a lover of tech and a literature monger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He enjoys approaching issues from logical and empirical perspective. His twitter handle @heir_ptahyor and Gmail: kofoworolaomotayo[@]

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