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The Best Time to Rent a House in Nigeria

The Best Time to Rent a House in Nigeria

To the inexperienced, considering what season to rent or buy a house might not be something that crosses the mind. But the rainy season plays a huge factor in exposing a building’s flaws as well as to help you choose the right residential locations. The reasons below could help you make well-informed decisions.


With the rains, prospective tenants or buyers get to know what it looks like in an area where they might want to settle. Are there drainage systems carefully designed to withstand torrents? Is the area prone to flooding? These are questions that the dry season has no answers for.


How high is the floor of the building from ground level? To avoid regrets, do make sure there is at least a one or two-step concrete slab above ground level especially if you plan living on the ground-floor. This way you will be safe from flooding.

Roofing and ceilings

Ceilings leak because the roofing is poorly fixed. In case you don’t have the benefit of the rain when you visit the house to check, PVC ceilings are likely to have a depression caused by the constant droppings while POP and asbestos ceilings leave a brown patch in affected areas. Remember to check this before parting with your money.


Pests (especially centipedes, worms, and insects) will burrow and breed faster through and beneath improperly tiled floors and when the rains come, it’s easier for them to find their way into the house. Check if the tiles fit thinly beside each other and if the spaces between are neatly sealed.

It is worth the effort to seek details like these especially if you plan on renting for a year or more.

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