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Chance Dates Milkshake


Dates Milkshake

My cousin and I had some dates sitting in our fridge staring at us in the face. We decided to experiment with this healthy fruit hawked by the Abokis who peddle their wares in wheelbarrows. Dates are a good source of vitamins, aside from the fact that this fruit tastes like honeyed candy. So we eventually came up with this mixture that tasted heavenly.

Here’s the recipe:


8 dates

1.5 glass of milk

Ice cubes


Wash the dates and remove the seeds.

Blend it with a 5-6 table spoon of milk. (Use the milk as water while blending)

Blend for a few minutes.

Add the rest of the milk, ice cubes and blend well for 4-5 minutes

Then pour into a glass


If you live in Nigeria and do not have electricity, pray for PHCN to bring the light, as its best served cold. Note: you can try adding any other fruit to the mix, for example bananas.

Healthy Benefits of the Milkshake:

My dear, if you are ever suffering from constipation, this appetiser would help clear a smooth passageway for your food. It’s a great laxative. It controls diarrhea effectively. That bitter herb may not be needed anymore.

It does contain sugar, proteins and essential vitamins that can boost your energy, strengthen your bones and muscles, who needs a gym?

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.



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