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Aliko Dangote Earmarks N200b To Build World Class University -


Aliko Dangote Earmarks N200b To Build World Class University

The President and founder of Dangote Foundation, Aliko Dangote is fixed on establishing a N 200 billion world-class university in Abuja, the country’s capital.

The proposal has been submitted to the National Universities Commissions as stated by Law. The Law stipulates that an individual or association of individuals who are Nigerian citizens can establish an Institution of Higher Education provided they satisfy the necessary criteria.

This application for creating a University according to the Law has to be sent to the Minister of Education through the National Universities Commission. According to a Former Executive Secretary of the NUC, Julius Okojie, who is currently the chairman of the technical team for the establishment of the university, the foundation proposes to drive technology and research in stimulating economic growth.

While this is very laudable since the recognition of private ownerships of educational institutions was a ploy to help towards salvaging the educational sector’s problem. In the face of the deterioration of citadels of learning, with the students’ unrest, teacher strikes and other industrial actions are the banes of Nigeria’s educational woes.

Yet, Private Higher Educational Institutions must ensure that all individuals have access to quality and appropriate educational opportunities.

The dream reality of using the sum of N200 Billion in creating a unique university with all the necessary infrastructure and best faculty members from across the goal. The technology driven university if it’s only for the elites should create avenues like scholarships and research grants for many who want to be among the privileged few.

We join hands in Chief Executive of the Foundation, Zouera Yousouffou and others as they secure a landed purchase and preliminary measures for its headquarters in the nation’s capital city of Abuja, the cooperation and support of the NUC to make the proposal passage a smooth sail.


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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.



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    28th August 2017 at 4:25 pm

    This idea is good but I see all the moneybags in Nigeria investing in Education sector. I hope they will not soon make education unreachable for the poor. Education should be free in Nigeria, if anyone wants to use it to siphon hard earned money from the hungry populace it is not worth it. Posterity will judge us. We are almost getting to the stage of USA and UK education; where there are many universities but there are little patronage because of extra-high cost. Today in US to study medicine you will have to spend up to 70,000 dollars (26 million Naira) annually as fees. The bulk of Nigerian students are from poor families, where will they get the money from. If Dangote means well for Nigeria, he should not follow the trend of the current private universities that charges unaffordable fee. He should not be like those who collected money from the poor to build Universities that the poor mans child cannot attend. He can only be commended by me if the fees for his institution will be as cheap as those of state and federal universities. He should remember he made more of his money from poor Nigerians. Investing it in the poor student will empower them; which will in turn provide higher purchasing power to purchase his products. We should emulate Germany and other eastern countries that offer education free for their nationals and international students. If Dangote cement is still sold at a price almost 3000 Naira after maintaining almost 90% monopoly. The value of cement is not more than 1000 Naira. By so doing he has created a hyper-high cost in housing, the poor no longer can rent a house, many are sleeping in uncompleted buildings, the authorities also look away. We adult Nigerians are already creating unliveable environment for our future children. The government is abandoning its primary duty of educating the citizens to the mercies of shylocks and feudalists. The future of our youths is mortgaged already. My prayer is that we come to our senses and do things right or God will raise another Jakande that will take-over all these schools and re-enact free education in Our Country. I personally don’t have any grouse against Dangote. He is a good Nigerian doing his business in a (capitalist)business way. At least he is providing employment for people, and he is investing in Nigeria raising our per-capita. But he should have pity on us and do this one as a social service not an extra-ordinary profit making is not the amount of money he accumulates that matters but the legacy of good deeds left behind. What will people say about him when he leaves the scene, will they call him a rich man or a good man. Till tomorrow when people mention Awolowo they talk of his free education and other things he did for his people. Everyone will be remembered for what he has done.

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      29th August 2017 at 12:58 pm

      Hi Segun. You have made relevant points, however, remember that for private institutions to charge low fees are almost nearly impossible. The cost of running a University at a top-notch standard is crazy. Except you’re asking that Dangote builds a University with substandard equipment and teachers. The reason your government can afford to run the Universities the way they do is because of the standard of Education they offer. Have you seen the labs in our Universities? How many of our schools even have equipped labs or controlled fields for practicals? Do you see the overcrowded classrooms? How many schools run on generators to power the classrooms? Private Universities that do these where do you expect them to get the money from?

      Rather I would suggest Private Universities make more provisions to admit a good number of students on scholarship so as to help the people who can’t afford it.

      If you ask me, it’s our government that needs to fix our Education system.

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