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How To Make Pina Colada Ice-Cream

Surprisingly, you can have Pina Colada as smoothie or ice cream. Who would have thought that a pinch of salt in this ice cream will go a long way? It enhances the flavour and we love it! Homemade ice cream for the kids isn’t a bad idea, after all.


400 ml coconut milk

2 tbsp honey

350g pineapple (peeled and cut into chunks)

1 pc lime

4 pcs banana (peeled and cut into chunks)

1 pinch of  salt


Place the pineapple and banana in a blender, add the honey, salt, coconut milk and squeeze in the lime juice and purée until smooth and creamy.

Pour into a glass and serve immediately as a smoothie. Alternatively, pour all the ingredients into an ice cream machine and process according to manufacturer’s direction.  Scoop in a bowl and refrigerate.


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