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Ripped Jeans Are Not Ripped


Ripped Jeans Are Not Ripped Attitude

Remember when your jeans tore from the knee and you had to dump it in your waste bin?  Well, ripped jeans are the new mind-blowing trend. It used to be a trending fashion in the 90s, especially among musicians, but it, as though they went into extinction, now, they’re back in style, more refined, tasteful, sophisticated, and astonishingly fresh.RIPPED JEANS ARE NOT A RIPPED

Regardless of what you choose to wear it  with — crop top, trainers, biker jacket, fluffy coat, shaggy oversized coat, oversized tee, long coat, midi-length coat, bomber jacket, layered blazers, striped warmer, check shirt, oversized jacket cardigan, trench coat, simple vest, suede jacket, silk shirt, leather jacket, sleeveless knit. You will still look fabulous. What you wear on your clothing is the traditional ‘icing on a cake’; you choose the flavour and the colour.Ripped Jeans Are Not Ripped

There are different types that have redefined fashion, that you can have fun wearing to anywhere. They’ve become a predominant package to fill a longing alcove. We have the skinny, the mom-style, the boyfriend, and the cropped ripped jeans.  They give you a sense of liberation.

Sometimes, you wonder what footwear would go with trousers in your wardrobe. Try your boots, strappy sandals, court shoes, strappy heels, ankle boots, heeled boots, flat sandals, Buffalo boots, glam sandals, hi-tops, etcetera.They are awesome with sandals, sneakers, and casual shoes, and a simple top.

Ripped jeans are not ripped attitude, they are just an old palm tree in a beach that slanted in a different style.
One thing about ripped jeans is the effortless way with which whatever you wear them with fits.Ripped Jeans Are Not Ripped

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Izuchukwu Onyedibiemma Udokwu

Izuchukwu Onyedibiemma Udokwu is a storyteller and a fashion designer. He has a clothing line, Zuch, which is coming alive soon. His works have appeared on Kalahari Review and on his personal blog.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    jude chidubem

    19th August 2017 at 10:24 am

    Astonishingly Awesome. My lips were lit with smile showing my white teeth like the early morning sun rise while I read through this article . I was really Engligthened on fashion. Thank you nna .jisikie.

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