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Websites we love: Jumia

A website has many functions and can be used for basically anything from providing news and business to technology, entertainment, social networking, fashion trends and so on. In a time where everything is virtually online, it’s safe to say that any company or organization that has not joined this terrain has no chance of making it globally. Without further ado, Jumia, and the reason we love it.

Jumia is an online shopping website founded in May 2012 making its presence across 23 African countries. The company offers different lines of services such as; Jumia Market, Jumia Travel, Jumia House, Jumia Jobs, Jumia Food, Jumia Car, Jumia Deals, and Jumia Services.

The online shopping website to launch was for electronics and fashion that was launched in June 2012. It was followed by Jumia market (formerly Kaymu), a community based online marketplace, on September of that same year. Jumia Travel (formerly Jovago), an online hotel booking platform was launched in Nigeria in June 2013, just before Jumia House (formerly Lamudi), Jumia Car (formerly Carmudi) and Jumia Food (formerly Hellofood). The last two services, Jumia Jobs and Jumia Deals were launched in April 2015. As of 2016, Jumia had 126 operations across 23 African countries, thus covering 90% of African GDP and 3 million customers. With 3,000 employees across Africa and a network of 500,000 sellers, it works with. Jumia is the No 1 headliner of online shopping in Africa.

With the many challenges we face from expensive products to limited choice, bad traffic, and limited information; Jumia aims to improve people’s lives by providing them with an alternative with the internet to use and make our shopping experience easier.

They are playing an extensive role in enabling African companies to grow. Over 500,000 local African companies are making business on Jumia every day. They are taking the entire economy online and enabling small, medium and large African companies to find new customers and serve them in a new way. The internet has the power to transform lives, gives way to a new perspective and opens new beginnings for African talents.

They also are creating a sustainable impact in Africa by paving a way for entrepreneurship. Creating new jobs directly and indirectly; empowering a new generation to build their lives and make their countries better.

The Company’s headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria with offices in all 22 other African countries in which it operates. As of January 2017, it employed more than 3,000 associates from five different continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, ME, North America, South America) and 68 different nationalities.

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