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Youtube Adds New In-App Chat Feature For Sharing and Chatting About Videos.

YouTube has introduced a new messaging feature in their mobile app. This app allows the users share and chat about videos without leaving its app. Prior to this, sharing YouTube videos was basically done by sharing links through Email, Facebook, WhatsApp and the sort. Also, the highest level of interaction between YouTube users was in the comments section, where you can post a comment and reply other user’s comments.

But now, YouTube doesn’t want you to leave the app before you can share a cool video with your friends. All video related discussions are now within the YouTube app. Hence, the YouTube mobile app has a new share button.  You can add your friends and family as contacts using this button. This allows you to share with them. It works just like a chat app where you can reply chats with text or with another video, invite others to the conversation.

In case you were wondering, all conversations are private, no one has access to them.

You’ll have to be signed into YouTube with your Google account to use the feature. You can still share videos to other apps by selecting other social networks when clicking the ‘share’ button.

Update your YouTube app (Android and iOS) to enjoy the feature.

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Tobenna Ezike

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