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10 Makeup Tips For Rainy Days

How do you avoid ruining your makeup on a heavy rainy day? I hear your advice loud and clear: Avoid Wearing Make-Up! Well, I say rains should not be a hindrance to looking beautiful.

Makeup Tips for Looking Glammed Up Even During Rainy Season:


10 Make Up Tips For Enhancing Rainy Season's

Select water proof mascaras or eyeliner. Your eyes wouldn’t smear immediately if you use the good kind. Water proof mascara is required for swimming or any form of submersion into the water. So since you are going to be dancing in the rain all day. Just go for it.

Tinted Moisturizer:10 Make Up Tips For Enhancing Rainy Season's

True, it’s a routine makeup regimen to include foundation into your daily makeup routine. However, during a rainy season, or going out in the rain, it is best to use a facial makeup that combines the benefits of a facial moisturizer and a foundation, hence, tinted moisturizer. Better still, use a water proof foundation.

Powder Matte or Crème Lipstick:

10 Make Up Tips For Enhancing Rainy Season's

When selecting a lipstick, choose the high-quality ones that can last and stay longer on your lips.

 Eyebrow Pencil:

Do not ignore using your eyebrow pencil just because of a little rain, rather add a little hair gel on your brow brush to keep it looking shapely and lovely as always.


Dust your face sparingly with face powders either loose or pressed to make your make up look intact even in the rain and to absorb excess oil or moisture. For every other thing as your eyeshadows or blush, avoid using powdered products.

Use Cream Blushes:

Cream blushers are water friendly so that even if your face gets wet, your blush stays on even prettier. Remember to blend well, and carry your tissue paper around to dab rough edges. They are lifesavers because they stick and show up even amidst the downpour.

 Primers are Sure Cheats:

It is extremely important during the rainy season to apply your facial primer before your makeup at all times. This would ensure all your cosmetics, your powder, your blush, your tinted moisturizer, stays at all times on your face. It holds all the hard work you would have done in place.


10 Make Up Tips For Enhancing Rainy Season's

Make Fashion statements with your rain coats and your umbrellas as they help protect your face. A good idea to keep the rain showers off your facial make up. Stay fashionable and dry with unpredictable rain showers.


Have A Blow Dryer to the Rescue:

If you encounter rain on the road and have your face, hair, body, all wet, keeping your blow dryer in hand is a quick way to restore your glam without looking like a soaked up cat.

Moisturizing Mask At Night:

Rainy days have a bad habit of drying out your skin, so before you go to bed, put on the moisturizing mask on your face to make your face skin look glowing and healthy. These are masks made in heaven for replenishing lost moisture. For others that do not have, just rub moisturizers like petroleum jelly, Vaseline before going to bed.

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