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Learn a Skill: How to Make Simple Ankara Earrings


Learn a Skill Wednesday: How to Make Simple Ankara Earrings

Do you have extra pieces of fabric remaining from the last outfit you made? Ignore that “Madam nothing remain”, that tailors have learnt to recite every time you ask for your extras, insist. Why?  You can use them to make simple accessories to spice up your outfit. Just before you ridicule this skill, be assured, that there are many who have earned major profits by this trade, even exporting across borders. The jewelry business community has extra room for anyone who is willing to invest, so what are you waiting for? You can substitute Ankara with any locally made fabric like Aso oke, Adire/batik, and velvet among many others, the more the merrier.

Here are few steps to making your Ankara earnings.

You can also get your old piece of jewelry and redesign to keep it looking new.


A pair of scissors.

Your earrings(hoops preferably)

Uhu Glue ( a cloth friendly glue, I remember the instructor adamantly advising us against the popular super glue as it can destroy your fabric).


Cut your fabric in thin vertical lines long enough to go through your earrings.

Apply Uhu glue at the tip of the Ankara stripes.

Start wrapping your earring neatly and tightly

Allow the Ankara to overlap each other carefully not to leave any notable sign of the earrings.

When you are done, cut with a pair of scissors.

Neatly apply gum to the end and effect a perfect finishing.

You are ready to rock your earrings.

Learn a Skill: How to Make Simple Ankara Earrings

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Ankara earnings with a button.



Tracing Paper.

Uhu gum

A pair of scissors

Ankara pieces.


Use a tracing paper to trace out your buttons, add a few extra meters to fold it in.

Place your tracing paper on a particular pattern you desire on the fabric.

Remove the plastic part that has the pin.

Cut out the desired fabric you have traced out.

Wrap your fabric around your earrings. You can use your teeth to hold it firm.

Apply glue to the fabric while wrapping (not your teeth), make it neat.

Put the pin back with the glue.

There you have it, you’re ready to rock your earnings


Making Earring With Thick Paper Boards:

For many that do not have an old earring or a button, this is easier as you can make it suit your creativity.


A thick paperboard (Kari boards, cereal box paper, cardboard, chip board, just ask a shoe cobbler he has the right paper)

Uhu gum

Pieces of Ankara fabrics.

Earring pins.

Pair of scissors.


Cut out your paperboard to your desired shape and pattern (invite your creative muse to work)

Double the paper to avoid tearing up.

Wrap with your Ankara print.

Join together with your glue

Add the earring pins using a glue. (You can use your old earring pins or buy it at your local store)

You are ready to wear your handmade earrings.





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