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6 Natural Afro Hairstyles That Do Not Require Extensions

Hair without extensions reminds me of the phrase: to be confident in one’s skin. You are neither afraid of the water that might ruin your hairdo or the sweat that brings with it that awkward feeling of discomfort. Here are 6 different styles for natural African hair that can be rocked from time to time.

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Twists: These look like kinky when they are new and like dreadlocks when they start getting older. To give them a parting –centre, side or all back styles, for instance, set them in choice directions by weaving the base. This will keep them in place and save you the time of parting them on every occasion.


Full Afros: If your hair is long, full and not easy to comb, it’s not advisable to comb your way into an afro and it just might not work that way. A better approach is to first partition it into 10 to 15 parts, depending on how long your hair is, then weave or thread them with little amounts of gel to keep them in place. You might need up to thirty minutes for the hair to straighten before you can loosen them, and the more time, the better the afros are formed.

PART AFRO. Photo Credit: Hairstyles and Haircuts

Part Afros: You can also make afros by weaving some portions and leaving others to blow out. Styles include weaving the back in an upward motion or both sides to blow out the middle.


Dreadlocks: To forget about being bothered forever, or for the next couple of years or months for temporary alternatives, you might be in for dreadlocks. Consult a good lock stylist for advice on locking and maintenance thereafter.

CORNROWS. Photo Credit: africanhairblog

Cornrows: It’s almost impossible to exhaust the styles into which you can weave your hair. It’s really one option to try when you want to feel light on your head. But don’t weave your hair too tight, else you might be in for a weeklong itch or loss of hair from the roots. To revive your weaves, spritz with water then brush lightly with gel or edge control.


Low Cuts: I bet you didn’t consider this an option, but why not? This style for the bold makes some naturalistas long to go back to where they once began and gives prospective ones something to look up to. If you’re in, you may add some variety by trying different styles of tapered cuts alongside the conventional same-level low cut.

To give your hair a shiny bouncy look, spritz with water, then apply oil or cream.

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