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Brazilian Lemonade


How to Make Brazilian Lemonade

The Brazilian lemonade is a sweet and refreshing drink with unique taste and texture. It’s also a lemonade drink that uses lime in place of lemons. So it should be called ‘Brazilian limeade’ right? But lemon and lime share the same Portuguese name limäo, and lemons are relatively rare so, ‘Brazilian lemonade’ it is.

The lemonade is very sweet thanks to the condensed milk and has a creamy smoothie-like texture. A lot of Condensed milk is used because the lime peels are included so we don’t end up with a bitter drink.

It’s best to pick limes with the thinnest and smoothest skin as they are supposedly less bitter and the juiciest.


  • 4 juicy limes (the fresher, the better)
  • 6 cups of cold water
  • ¾ granulated sugar
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • Ice to serve


  • Wash and scrub the limes very thoroughly since you’re using the entire lime. Cut off the ends of the limes and then slice into about 8 wedges, make sure to remove the white pith.
  • Mix the cups of cold water with the sugar until dissolved and chill until ready to use.
  • Combine the lime wedges and sugar water into your blender and pulse for few seconds (10 seconds maximum).
  • Then remove from blender and strain the juice through a fine mesh strainer, use the back of a spoon to properly extract all the juice from the pulp. Place the strainer on top of the pitcher you’re going to use.
  • Return the liquid back to the blender and then add your condensed milk and blend until smooth and frothy.
  • Serve with ice immediately.
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Amara Adanna Ogbonna

Amara Adanna Ogbonna is a Christian, foodie, and lover of arts. She spends most of her time on Facebook.

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