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Amazing Waterfalls in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country that’s bursting with picture-perfect sceneries. The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is blessed with superb, luxurious natural attractions that are well endowed with rich traditions and fascinating cultures.

These exquisite sights, especially waterfalls, are the major tourist destinations in the country. The waterfalls consist of natural structures of crystal waters falling steep cliffs onto rock surfaces. Some are made up of multiple patterns of freshwater torrents, while others come in a smaller volume of cool and clear water drifting in breathtaking patterns on stone blocks bordered by lush vegetation.

These waterfalls stretch across the length and breadth of Nigeria, many of which make for exciting destinations you might not have considered. Let’s check them out:

Agbokim Waterfalls

The waterfall is situated at about 315 kilometers from Calabar, Cross-River state, and approximately 17km from Ikom which is the nearest village in the Etung L.G.A of the State and close to the Nigerian-Cameroon border. The Agbokim waterfalls offer some of the finest views of nature in Nigeria. The waterfall has a spectacular sight that consists of seven streams with cascading waters surrounded by lush greens. The water pours down in a majestic water sheet with an attractive freshness and enthralling tranquility. For nature lovers, the place is perfect to go hiking and also has a pleasant spot for picnics. The Agbokim waterfall is an exceptional beauty with its rainbow-like scenery covering the area. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy Nature in its fullness and refresh your entire wellbeing.

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls (Olumirin waterfalls)

Erin-Ijesha waterfalls also known as Olumirin waterfalls is located in Erin-Ijesha, Oriade local government area, Osun State Nigeria. The spotless river plunges through a narrow opening in a cluster of luxuriant tree trunks draped in dark leafy greens, down a steeply folded rock face of about ten meters in height – seven distinctive cascades. The flowing fountain embodies the awesomeness of nature and the magical aura the setting exhibits. To take in the remarkable sight, one has to climb high, as further up you go, the more amazing the view.

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

Farin ruwa waterfall is located in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, comprising of a phenomenal natural wonder. The water of Farin ruwa plummets off a cliff edge and descends the steep slopes of a mountainous ridge. Its drop is said to be higher than that of Zambian’s Victoria Falls and Canada’s Niagra Falls with a stunning height of 150 meters and 50 metres wide. The source of this fall is found on the Jos Plateau but the location itself is on the boundary of Jos and Nasarawa State. The waterfall is an inspiring experience with nature, plus the breathtaking sight makes it one of the most remarkable waterfalls in Nigeria. There’s an on-going plan by the State government to build a resort at Farin Ruwa Falls which will have a golf course, hotel complex, amusement parks and chalets.

Guara Waterfalls

The Gurara waterfalls are located about 3km off the Minna-Suleja road and the wide waterfall covers a width of 200m. The cascade of water cruises down a ruggedly-cut wide cliff of brown-toned igneous rock with showers descending in a lovely plunging pool of ice-cold water. The waterfalls are mostly at its fullest and impressive form during and just after the rainy season. During the dry season, the water levels are low and clear, forming a beautiful pool at the bottom of the fall, suitable for visitors to swim. For wildlife or sport fishing activities, the river promises great excitement with the popular region down the river where one can find crocodiles living in their natural habitat.

Owu Waterfalls

Owu waterfall is located at Ifelodun local government area of Kwara State. It’s the highest, most outstanding natural waterfall spectacle in West Africa.  The waterfall is about 120 meters above water level and flows 330 feet down to a pool of ice cold water below. The fall is enveloped with a charming ambience of natural vegetation and surrounded by hills. With its evergreen surrounding, it’s considered to be a magnificent fall of ice water with beautiful rocky pathways, making it an exceptional tourist attraction.

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