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Abuja Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

While blockchain (a distributed ledger technology) is usually associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the technology has a much wider application which a lot of people do not know. Every industry that has “trust’ at its core operation will be disrupted by blockchain technology. Apart from disrupting existing systems, new processes will be built on the revolutionary technology. As the industry draws in more players, blockchain startup companies, especially those of African origin, will have to do more than just ride on the novelty, as the latest tech buzz obtainable in the west. They need to take deliberate steps to stay relevant and competitive. The duplication of ideas and concept borrowed from America and Europe will not suffice. We must see Africa blockchain Startups think outside the box and innovate solutions that will deliver its peoples from poverty, destitution, and disfavored impoverishment. Africa has stayed too long on the bottom of global food supply chain. Blockchain Technology offers a sure way to borrow out of that rabbit hole.

Successful blockchain companies are those that will look for a niche where there is room for growth with fewer competitors. It does not necessarily mean creating a completely new space. It could involve identifying a unique angle to an existing product in a way that differentiates the organization from the competition. One example of this is focusing on a particular geographic location.

This is the reason why Abuja Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit is being organized by Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

Bitcoin blockchain, the public blockchain with its cryptocurrency was the first to gain wide acceptance has opened up a world of endless possibilities.

The summit theme is “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Exploring the legal landscape.”

The venue is the prestigious Abuja Sheraton and Towers, Ladi Kwali Street Maitama, Abuja.

Time: 9:30am

Date: 15-16 November 2017

Renowned Legal Practitioner, cum technologist Yahaya Maikori will keynote the event, while top officials from the Federal Ministry of Science and technology will observe as panelists. Several distinguished members of the National Assembly are expected to grace the event.

It will be a gathering of Blockchain Startup Investors, Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs. Everyone looking for the opportunity available to create massive wealth off the cryptocurrency revolution will stand to gain by attending the event.

Admission is free, but pre-registration is advocated.

The Abuja Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2017 is being made possible by sponsorships/ partnership support from Paxful, Afrimart, Corion Platform, ITEX Integrated Systems, Abjcoin, Cryptogene, Smartcab Nigeria, USI-Tech, Bitpaya, Crypto Certified, DigiTaxi and GCCH.

The first day of the event will center around the summit theme. Industry stakeholders will brainstorm on issues bothering around legislation, legalization, and control of the ecosystem.

The second day will be focused on workshops and training.

There will be a special session for software developers to learn Solidity, the programing language of the Ethereum blockchain for Smart Contracts.

This is not the first time Blockchain Nigeria User Group is organizing a Blockchain event in Nigeria.

The group organized the first ever and most successful Nigeria Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference held The Civic Center in Lagos in August. Also, the group held a one-day Regional Blockchain Summit which was a held The Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt in September. The group’s focus has been stable; which is to create awareness and spur Startups in the Blockchain Software ecosystem in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Group is Partnering with Paxful, a peer to peer bitcoin exchange platform to hold the first “BlockNight” (a discussion and networking mixer about cryptocurrency) event in Lagos later in November 2017.

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