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5 Benefits of Dogoyaro

The neem plant popularly called Dogoyaro in most parts of Nigeria is scientifically called “AZADIRACHTA INDICA”. The benefits of neem tree are many and talking particularly of its leaves, they have superb antibacterial and disease-preventing properties.

Effective in malaria treatment

Studies have shown that Dogoyaro possesses antimalarial properties. It can also be a potential additive to antimalarial drugs that could be useful for the treatment of malaria as well as prevention of the disease.

Improves Eye Health

Neem can improve eye health, although there is no concrete study to back it up. Simply boil some neem leaves, allow the water to cool, and then wash your eyes with the liquid. This helps treat any kind of irritation or redness.

Treats Skin Infection

This can be attributed to its antibacterial properties. Just dilute neem oil with water and add to your bathing water.

Serves as a contraceptive

The neem plant can equally serve as a contraceptive.  Cotton is soaked in the oil and kept in the vagina for about 15 minutes before intercourse, the oil is said to kill sperm and slow its speed. There are no side effects to the vagina, cervix or womb.

Helps the heart

Neem leaves are known to be an effective blood cleanser. Drinking neem infused boiled water controls high blood sugar. Neem leaves are effective in purifying the blood, removing toxins, defending against inflictions and radicals in the body. It relaxes erratic heartbeats, controls high blood pressure and decreases elevated heart rates.



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