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Gift Ideas For Your Dad This Christmas

Giving gifts to your dad might feel unconventional. I remember at an event I had attended earlier this year, the men who sat beside me kept lamenting about how they never get to anything from their children each Christmas compared to their spouses. This got me thinking of how much we never get to celebrate our fathers.

So we’ve put together five amazing gifts you can give your father this Christmas:

A pair of footwear: Purchase a pair of footwear for your father. It could be shining red sneakers or you could upgrade his weekend wear with a pair of navy sneakers. Or a corporate leather footwear.

Wristwatches: It is stylish to be punctual. Get a wristwatch for your dad, in other for him to look trendy.

BBQ Grill Mat: Cooking may be done in the kitchen but grilling is left for the chesty males. Plus everyone loves to have a good grilled meal. The problem with smaller food items is that they fall in between the racks making it almost impossible to cook on the BBQ but a BBG grill mat sits directly on top of the grills and allows you to cook food perfectly without having to worry about them falling through the cracks.

Coffee French Press:  Coffee is a major part of many peoples’ morning routines; it’s the fuel of the employee!  Of course, your dad is one of the many people in love with coffee. What makes this French press so great is its simplicity. It isn’t over the top and because of this it’s inexpensive and makes great tasting coffee. This French press will be step one for every coffee drinker every morning!

Engraved Mousepad: If your dad is like mine, always on the computer taking care of business, he obviously needs a good mousepad. Why not get one that can be engraved with any message you want. Every time he looks down at his mouse he will be reminded of how much he’s loved.

Vinyl Record Coaster: Remind your father about his youthful groove with a relic from the past.  It is the ultimate throwback tech gifts, customized with a beautiful Christmas message to keep you in your father’s heart.

USB Travel kit: Every traveler needs a travel kit.  For dads that travel around due to the nature of their job, traveling kit is the best Christmas gift you can ever think of getting them. Whatever the situation they find themselves, they are most likely to be covered, and for the sake of simplicity, we can have our USB cables that we use for our devices duplicated so that they can live in the travel kit and are not forgotten when heading on a trip.

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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