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Best Foods And Drinks To Eat Before and During Flight

Does flying, especially long flights make you feel sluggish or weak, do you feel bloated and a tad dizzy afterwards? If yes, then you definitely need to pay attention to this article.

There are certain meals and drinks that are bad for your overall health when taken before and during a flight. However, I’ll be providing a few tips on what to take that would help you feel right and energized, during and after your long flight.

Fruit Mesh

Make a dry fruit mesh and put it in a Ziploc bag. Make sure not to pick fruits that are sticky, especially mangoes, pineapples.

You can also add some chopped red peppers to the mix to spice it up.


I’ll advise you to drink as much water as you can to keep your body hydrated, before and during the flight. Remember to take at least 250ml of water for every hour, you’re in the air.

There’s always water on board, so feel free to ask one of the flight attendants to get you some.


If you can get a meal before your flight, make sure you get a light meal, preferably a meal with lots of salad and veggies and maybe a little bit of lean protein.

Steer clear of deep-fried fatty foods as they can cause a case of indigestion. Gassy foods is also a big No!


Remember not to drink alcohol or caffeine before your flight, because it can leave you dehydrated.

If you must drink anything other than water, then I’ll suggest herbal tea, you can put your herbal tea in a water can, and sip it for the duration of the flight, or ask the air hostess. Herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated,  and can help keep you hydrated. Select a peppermint blend for added stomach-soothing benefits.


Oranges are  great ways to boost your immunity, while you fly through the air, in what is basically, a petri dish of bacteria, because airports generally are replete with germs. Plus, oranges are another source of hydration.



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Amara Adanna Ogbonna

Amara Adanna Ogbonna is a Christian, foodie, and lover of arts. She spends most of her time on Facebook.

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