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Business Ideas For Food Lovers

Many of us are contemplating starting a food-related business and have little or no capital, but we can optimize what’s available to us. For instance, at the Do It Afraid Conference held towards the end of last year, I was amazed when Mrs. Ayo Megbope declared that she had started her company No Left Overs, from her home kitchen.

For many people, the idea of owning a food business is a fantasy that seems unattainable. But with a few simple steps and very little expense, anyone can start a food-related business and make money. The important thing is to find a product that people want.

Here are a few business ideas in the cooking industry you sure haven’t thought of:

Farm To Table Market: It is time to go back to the farm, and produce pure organic food items and ingredients that you can sell or make into delicious delicacies. A lot of people may roll their eyes at the mention of farming, but agricultural-cooking business is now very lucrative. Get all you need in your restaurant, food court, culinary school made directly from your farmland. Imagine the thrill and satisfaction your customers would get when they know that all your ingredients are fresh. A lot of people out there are interested in knowing that what goes into their mouth are healthy fresh food products, and if you can guarantee that, you probably have your market niche. It would also save you the cost of buying food ingredients that have been mixed with chemicals and preservatives.  There is nothing as fresh, healthy and local than having everything you serve the table made from the farm.  If you can’t get to farm yourself, perhaps due to the absence of farmland, outsource that aspect of the business to a local farmer, and get the farm produce to your kitchen as soon as it is possible. You can decide to make and sell the fresh products, like having a spice and seasoning farm produce, or vegetables, or to even run an organic restaurant.

Grocery Delivery: Currently in Nigeria, there are a lot of delivery companies that cater to almost every need, you can join the league of people who are delivering groceries to homes. A lot of working parents barely have time to make meals let alone shop for groceries. You can help these busy parents run their grocery errands. Your clients can send their grocery list to you and pay you for the items you picked up. You make your profit by charging for the time and the delivery. All you need is a spare time on your hand and a spacious vehicle.

Food trucks/Starting a Mobile Food Business: This is one industry that has risen up drastically. Going to corners on the street would reveal to you, food sellers setting up their products from the booths of their vehicles. Yet, this business is not fully organized, equip yourself with a decent set of wheels, a specific food type you are familiar with cooking and cruise your way into making profits without bothering yourself about retail space.

Recipe Book/ Cook Books: These days, a lot of women are desirous of learning how to cook different meals. While you may prefer the traditional cookbooks, profit-making may now be found online. Selling recipe books and other cooking related articles can be done directly from your site. You can also decide to charge a membership fee or create a WhatsApp group where people pay to have cooking tutorials and to get the link to join in on your goodies.

Nutrition Coach: Everyone these days is extremely conscious of what goes into the mouth palate. With the right amount of information you can help people get their health and relationship with food back on track, as you diagnose whatever problem is affecting your client’s food lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need to be a registered dietitian to give people meal plans and diet consulting. Take an online course, read up on necessary information and you are good to recommend delicious and healthy meals to your client that they can prepare at home.

Creating and Selling Homemade Kitchen Hardware: Creating local and indigenous knives, knives bags, cutleries, aprons and many more, are wonderful business items needed to build your kitchen empire. Rather than incur the cost of importation, many big food outlets, and culinary school are looking inwards for local businesses that offer this services. Reach out to them, even if you are making as little as a toothpick, as your business expands, you may even be lucky to export your products. Consult with those in the business and get ready to grow yours.

Food blogger/vlogger: The way to the mouth is perhaps the way to heaven, turn your passion for food into a business enterprise. Create a blog or vlog and talk about recipes you love, food and restaurants, indigenous foods in your locale and many more. Whatever you stick to in the food industry, be sure to let your passion reflect.

Culinary School: If you are passionate about food, then you sure can teach your passion. Register for professional courses in the food industry and get qualified to pass your desire to others. Teach others the lure, cravings, and skill of cooking.

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Adepeju Adenuga

Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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