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Google Chrome 64 Update Prevents Ads from Opening New Tabs on Android

Google released a major update (Chrome 64) this January, for their Chrome browser on both mobile and desktop platforms. On mobile platforms, the Chrome browser now prevents sites with abusive ads from opening new windows or tabs without the user permission. The update also comes with stability and performance improvements.

If you surf the internet frequently, especially free media download sites, you’d notice very annoying ads that automatically hijack your browser, and open new tabs, and even prevent you from going back to the page you were browsing, an action known as frame busting Most times they display fake messages of how your phone has viruses or needs performance boost. Thankfully, with the latest update, when an ad frame tries open anew tab on the browser, Chrome will automatically block it, and show a small warning at the bottom. Chrome will only allow URLs that match the current page to open new tabs.

The new feature should come enabled by default. However, you can turn it on manually by changing some chrome flags settings. To do this, copy this URL chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture and paste it into the address bar. The link doesn’t do anything when tapped directly, so you have to copy and paste. Afterwards, tap the highlighted drop-down menu, change it to ‘Enabled,’ and restart the browser when prompted.

Chrome 64 also changes the default navigation bar colour from black to white, and also includes performance improvements in the pack.

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