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These 12 Online Lending Platforms Will Give You Loans Fast


These 12 Online Lending Platforms Will Give You Loans Fast

Cash needs don’t always announce their coming beforehand; sometimes, they plough into our lives, disrupt our daily routines, tug at our wallets, and pound mercilessly at the doors of our bank accounts. And not too often, we are unable to deal with them, because we are cash-strapped.

Thanks to technology, we can now deal with such situations speedily. Long trips to banking halls, tedious loan application processes and jaw-dropping requirements for loan disbursement can all be sidestepped. Online lending platforms are making it easier for individuals and businesses to apply for and get loans quickly. What’s more, many of these lenders don’t even request for collateral (surely a borrower’s dream). Applications can be made online, and the whole process, up until the transfer of loans to the borrower’s account runs through without a visit to a physical bank.

If you’re looking for quick loans on favourable terms, you should check out these online lending platforms.

  1. Aella Credit

Workers, whose companies are registered with Aella can obtain loans from this platform. They simply need to download the Aella Credit app, log in with their employee ID and password, fill in the amount they want to borrow, and click ‘apply.’ Loans granted will be repaid over several months via payroll deductions.

  1. C24

This lender gives collateral-free loans to people, who have been employed for at least 6 months, and have a functional salary bank account. Loan applicants submit a number of documents at the agency’s outlets (these required documents are listed on the website), and have their applications assessed. Loans are granted within 24 hours of the documents being submitted, if applicants are deemed to be qualified to receive them.

  1. Creditville

As a private lending institution, Creditville targets “individuals with paid employment and SMEs in Nigeria.” Its loans are collateral-free, low interest and small business friendly. Loans of up to ₦2 million can be applied for and obtained from this lender for salary advance and business purposes.

  1. CS Advance

Persons in paid employment can seek loans from CS Advance. This platform offers loans of between ₦100,000 and ₦1.5 million to people aged between 22 and 55, who earn above ₦100,000 monthly. There’s a loan calculator at CS Advance’s website, with which potential borrowers can easily calculate what loan options are available to them, based on their ability to repay.

  1. FINT

You can borrow loans of between ₦60,000 and ₦2 million via this platform; again, there’s no collateral requirement here. Interest rates could be as low as 2%. All you’re expected to do is undergo FINT’s Risk Assessment to determine the loan range you’re eligible for, choose a loan term (6, 12 or 18 months), and upload the required documents. Following verification, you’ll be required to pay a commitment fee of 8%, after which your bank account will be credited with the loan amount.

  1. Kiakia

Kiakia aims to force down interest rates, charged to borrowers for unsecured loans. It’s working to achieve this through its online system, colloquially named ‘Mr. K’. Mr. K, an Artificial Intelligence Direct and Peer to Peer lending virtual agent, uses machine learning to evaluate the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and makes funding available to individuals and SMEs.

  1. Kudi Money

Kudi Money helps its users save money automatically, and grants them interest yields of up to 17%. But it also helps its registered members with short-term loans at an interest rate of 2% per annum. Persons with higher savings rate have a greater chance of securing a loan from Kudi. In order to access these savings and lending services, you’ll need to sign up with your email and link your ATM (Debit) card to your Kudi Money account.

  1. Lidya

Lidya thrives on turning “every invoice into a revenue opportunity.” To get a loan from Lidya, small business merchants create an online account (this takes just a few minutes), and use the platform’s invoice creation tools to create an invoice and issue it to their customers. A loan will then be provided within 48 hours. Lidya’s loans are typically used by businesses to finance their working capital.

  1. PayConnect

Through its machine learning algorithms, PayConnect is able to examine borrowers’ credit records and determine what sort of loans, if any, they qualify for. The PayConnect app assesses SMS and email notifications of financial transactions carried out by its user, and informs the user what loan amount he or she can get, based on the evaluation carried out by the system. Approved loans are disbursed to the user’s e-wallet at his or her request; the amount can be withdrawn from any ATM or transferred to bank accounts.

  1. PayLater

You can apply for loans and get a decision on your application in a matter of minutes. Loans of up to ₦1 million can be gotten from PayLater’s mobile lending system, and interest rates charged could be as low as 5%. To access loans, download the PayLater app via Google Play Store, open the app and sign up, and complete the loan application form. As soon as the loan is approved, the money is disbursed to the applicant within five minutes.

  1. Snap Credit

Employees can request loans from Snap Credit using any internet enabled device. Loans granted can be repaid as monthly deductions from employees’ salary. As is the case with any properly functioning online lender, Snap promises a speedy verification process leading to prompt delivery of loans to qualified applicants’ bank accounts.

  1. Zedvance

Zedvance gives loans of up to N3 million to borrowers, within 24 hours. Apart from granting regular cash loans to individuals and groups, it also finances travel. Its online loan calculator can be used by intending borrowers to ascertain what loan amounts they can reasonably request for, in view of their ability to repay the loans, before the passing of specific deadlines.


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