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How To Make Good Sales At The Connect Nigeria eBusiness Fair

  • Get a booth.
  • Read this to see how to plan for your exhibition.
  • Send messages to your customers and tell them you’re going to be there. If they plan to attend the show, they’re mostly going to be the first to stop by your booth.
  • Have a target of how much you want to make at the fair and make sure your booth staff knows it. If possible, assign each of them a target.
  • Don’t sell all your product lines, choose your most viable products. Remember, it’s just a one-day event. Besides, the fewer products you have in your booth, the less confusing it is.
  • Plan for security or train your booth staff to keep an eye out. You don’t want your products walking away with stop-byers.
  • Make sure your booth staff has clearly assigned roles and specifications. You’ll make better sales if your staff is efficient and not confused over their roles.
  • Train your staff to practice good customer service. They ought to be nice to everyone, who stops by your booth. When a customer is a nuisance, they could be politely asked to leave or the fair security could be alerted to take over the situation.
  • Teach your staff the proper way to collect data from leads and have a medium to record this ready. A number scribbled behind the flyer, hardly leaves a good impression.
  • Your staff should have good knowledge of your products and should be able to answer questions about them even if they were just hired for the fair. Make out time to train them.
  • Send your most friendly staff irrespective of ranks. Ensure they are able to express genuine passion to your vision. Customers can easily pick on the vibe from your staff and respond to them sometimes without even knowing.
  • If you’re interested in attending the seminars, be sure to check in with your staff from time to time. Evaluate them and end every negative behaviour right there and then. Don’t wait till after the show, or your sales could be affected. On the same hand, make sure to reward good behaviours immediately.
  • Plan a dress code for your staff; a coordinated dress code always looks catchy. Remember, their dressing should represent your brand.
  • Shoes, hair, accessories, are also important. These little details don’t usually go unnoticed, and could be a turn off to some customers.
  • Teach your staff to always keep their hands clean. They’ll be shaking a lot of people after all. Better still, keep a hand sanitizer or wipes at the table.
  • Two words: Breath Mints.
  • Rehearse with your staff the day before.
  • If you’re speaking, ensure your staff knows what to do at this time. Have people go into the crowd to collect data, or distribute your portfolios.
  • Establish a follow-up protocol for leads, and likely customers. Use this practice to turn leads into sales.
  • Say “Thank You” to attendees for stopping by your booth.

The Connect Nigeria E-Business Fair comes up on the 3rd of February 2018 at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

To sponsor, exhibit, or register, visit or call 0700 800 5000.

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Chidinma Kalu

Chidinma Kalu is a trained psychologist and an entrepreneur. Aside from writing, she spends her time researching on anything that has her curiosity piqued. In 2016, her essay was shortlisted for a prize. She hopes to actually win something someday. 😊

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