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Messenger Kids by Facebook


Messenger Kids by Facebook Now Available on Android

Facebook has just released its child-texting app – Messenger kids, for the Android platform. Messenger Kids is a standalone app designed specifically for kids between 6 – 12 years of age that would allow them to chat and call parent-approved contacts from a mobile device. It looks dangerous to hand a messaging app to kids and expose them to the chaotic universe of social media, but Messenger Kids puts the control in the hands of the parents and ensures the children are protected. The app was available on only iOS and Amazon Fire tablets but is now available on the Google PlayStore.

According to Facebook, Messenger kids is a fun and safe instant messaging solution that will allow kids make video calls, chat and generally stay in touch with friends and family or whoever mummy and daddy deems fit. The app is controlled by the parent’s Facebook account. The app was also tested with a wide variety of parents and kids, who offered feedback and helped improve the entire experience and ensure its just as safe as every mom wants it to be.

Messenger kids feature kid appropriate stickers, GIFs, frames and emojis to help kids “creatively express themselves. Unlike the regular Messenger app, the Kids version does not require a phone number or need a Facebook account. Parents and approved grown-ups can use their profiles to verify the Kids account and can also check up what is going on through their regular Messenger app.

Kids can also block contacts and report inappropriate content in the app. This action will notify the parent or guardian responsible for the kid.

To begin using the app, A parent must first

Download the Messenger Kids app from the Google PlayStore, Apple App store or Amazon store.

Authenticate the child’s mobile device using their own Facebook username and password. This will not create a Facebook account for the child or give them access to your Facebook account.

Create an account for the child by providing their name.

Add contacts to their child’s messenger kid’s app from their main Facebook app.

To add a contact for your child, open your Facebook app, click on “More” in the bottom right corner and click “Messenger Kids” in the Explore section.

In essence, the app is controlled from start to finish by parents and guardians. Everything from Account Creation, to approving Contacts, and or deleting a child’s messenger account.

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